Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sunday Reading...


Seeing as I'm already at the beach, I would love to stay and catch up on some reading, butt in chair, toes wiggling around in the sand, refreshing breeze blowing through my hair...etc. etc. :)
But as reality would have it, I'm most likely packing up my car, bidding adieu to the beautiful town of Beaufort, and settling into the drive while reveling in the past weekend's fairytale festivities!
If you're doing a little Sunday reading, here are some posts you have may missed on fashion, food, interior inspiration, and a little something just for fun. Enjoy!

**Plus a big shout out to the new MR. AND MRS. WILLIS!!!**
Sniff said... be at the beach! I'm so looking forward to summer. Here it's been all grey and wet. Sounds like you've really enjoyed your weekend, though. :)

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