Thursday, September 22, 2011

Total. Textile. Consumption.

I have lost all sanity. There's just no denying it when you find yourself up in the wee hours of the morning tracking down a vendor in France. You ask if I have lost it? Well...
the answer is most certainly, 100% positively yes.
I have been consumed to the core. I MUST get my hands on this fabric. I'm waiting with bated breath for pricing info. Even if just a pillow, I promise I don't need to eat. Besides...
My latest Society Social intro!
...I've styled a whole room around it. Pending bar cart and other lofty necessities, of course.

Want to see more of why I didn't sleep last night? See "Fabrics for NYC HQ." I must warn you, you may lose your design marbles too! Do you see a fabric that totally consumes you? I'd love to know!
Unknown said...

I really want a sputnik! Totally bookmarked that Fabric store :) Thanks!

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