Monday, April 8, 2013

Weekend Picture Book: Alan's Birthday

I married an extremely easy going man; Alan's only birthday requests were seafood and basketball. A girl can handle right? I did my best to deliver and a little extra because that's what birthdays are for!

We started the weekend at our favorite restaurant in the city with our friends, Becca & Steve, who are always such fun double dates! Alan and I were in a tequila drinkin' mood, Becca the wino, and Steve went for it with whiskey. We're so glad we found a couple who likes to eat as much as we do and per usual we had at least four courses. (#yolo) Chef Wes and the Hudson Clearwater team are amazing producing new, quite tasty seasonal selections.

The next day I fulfilled Alan's wildest dreams by taking him to an all you can eat seafood buffet (buffet sushi doesn't sound like the grandest idea, but I swear this is a legitimate operation) after which we headed to the sofa for  a Final Four marathon. He was as happy as a clam.
Sunday morning was a little adventure, we went to a new church in our neighb then popped into a new to us diner on the way home. Nothing fancy, but a good standard.  It was such a lovely little morning,
Just lovely, :)
...that turned into a quality Sunday funday! The celebration continued into the afternoon with day drinks at one of our favorite wine bars, Ten Bells,  in the Lower East Side. I had too many glasses of rosé (bring it on, Spring!) and pretended I could speak French to the bartenders who were kind enough to amuse me- Je voudrais une autre s'il vous plait! -- and Alan ordered more seafood. 
He also employed the use of his new leather koozie that he made and hot-branded himself. It is a regular practice of his to bring it to the bar. Civilizing cocktail culture one bar cart and koozie at a time? ;) Good chance there is a website coming soon-- hint hint. (!)
Our friends, Philip and Danny, met us halfway into our date and a good time was had by all. So good that one could find me eating $1 pizza later that night-- that's when you know my inhibitions have truly gone to the wayside. It could be worse. Anyways, Happy Birthday, Alan Dale! I'm so lucky you're mine to celebrate!
Hope y'all had a refreshing weekend and successful Monday!
Unknown said...

You two are adorable. What a wonderful celebration. Happy Birthday Alan!
xo Nancy

Unknown said...

You two are adorable. What a wonderful celebration. Happy Birthday Alan!
xo Nancy

Anne said...

AAAAdorable! Looks like a fabulous weekend! Happy day to Alan!

Julia D. said...

$1 pizza=best thing in life.

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