Thursday, March 11, 2010

Food Adventures: Supper Club Reinstated!!

Before I share the night's menu, let me preface you with the history of "Supper Club!" It all started when we met a couple through mutual friends who we discovered lived right across the street from us- literally a stone's throw! Not long after the introductions were made, we also discovered our mutual love of food and cooking. We ended the night with promises to have one another over for dinner, and thus Supper Club was born.

Our friends Meg and Mike are the perfect Supper Club mates: highly adventurous, not excessively particular, most generous, and the key- graciously forgiving when things go wrong! We take turns making dinner and past menus have included home made white and margherita pizzas, sauteed calamari, beef stroganoff, shrimp and chicken cilantro fried rice, creme brulee, "grown-up" mac and cheese, and an assortment of grilled perfection!

We fell out of the habit of Supper Club for a few months because after all, life happens, and next thing you know the seasons have changed, and it's time for that 8 week hair appointment! We recently decided it was high time to get together, and reinstated Supper Club last night at our place. Last time was a FAIL on my part- never again will I try to make anything Korean, especially with octopus and squid in it- so the pressure to redeem myself was on!

The company was good, the wine was good, the music was good, and I think the food was good too! Shall I daresay, sweet redemption? ;)
Welcome back Supper Club!!


Traditional roast seasoned with garlic, thyme, and onion powder and slow-cooked for 8 hours served with caramelized onions
Portabello mushroom Risotto with white wine served with Parmesan and fresh chives
Butternut squash roasted in a tidge of butter and brown sugar
I really must start taking my own pictures, but the D40 and I are not best of friends just yet, therefore,
images 1, 2, and 3. And I get too excited to pause for a photo shoot before I eat ;)

Notes: I got the idea for the roast from my Beaufort family who I visited a few weekends ago. Amber's mom, Miss Edith, served up a delicious crockpot roast! As far as the risotto, I had to take another crack at it because although I liked the butternut squash version I made for Girls Night, the sweetness in it is something I would only like every once in awhile. I adapted another one of Giada's recipes because I liked her overall risotto process. Meg and Mike "are not big on the gorgs" so I subbed Parm and added spinach to get a veggie in. I also used portabello instead of porcini because I couldn't find it at the store! Lastly, I'm all for full optimization so I decided to use the remainder of the butternut squash from the aforementioned recipe- since the rest of the meal is savory, I thought it best I roasted it in a little brown sugar!

Phew! That was a long one! What's for dinner tonight my loves? As for us, we will be having leftovers!! :)
Deidra said...

Looks yummy! I'm glad you were redeemed!

I love this spot you've made for yourself here in blog land. Your profile tells it all and I'm glad you broke free to chase what really matters. I'll be back to learn more...

Roxy Te said...

Thanks so much for the kind words Deidra! I think I've discovered I like food more than I thought ;)

Anonymous said...

Look delish Rox! I was about to start asking photography tips. It's so hard! Especially when you cook mostly at night and all natural light has vanished :(

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