Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Happy Place: Breakfast Blue

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So no pink involved, I love this blue all on its own! It's even inspired a visit to my Happy Place!

In my happy place, I imagine myself traipsing through the West Village on a delicious Spring morning- you know where the streets get all crazy and zig zaggy? The sun is sneaking through wherever it can, peaking through tree branches, slipping around buildings, and my little shih-tzu, George, (yes, I've named my future dog) is just as happy as I am to be outside on such a breezy, sunny morning. Brunch consists of eggs benedict, cafe au lait, and familiar, like an old cozy sweater in which you never hesitate to wrap up, company. The rest of the day is spent sprawling about in the park and perhaps a chilled white and cupcakes before it's time to call it a day :)

Where's your happy place today loves? Anyone want to join me?
Unknown said...

i would love to join you and george :) i love that for a dog name!

zephyrsarah said...

i have been cold for days, and today i just want to be warm and cozy. perhaps cuddled up with my fella in front of the fire, at a house on the beach, with giant windows facing the water, and an unlimited supply of hot soup and garlic sourdough toast and thick, chewy, granola-y, oatmeal-y cookies. yeah, i want that.

Roxy Te said...

Mackenzie- George already has a best friend lined up too! His name is Cooper, and he's our neighbors' shih tzu ...George And Cooper like peas and carrots! What kind of cupcakes shall we have?! Magnolia? Crumbs?
Sarah- I love your happy place...the ocean has such a calming effect on you. I could really use that view now actually! Can we wash those cookies down with kahlua spiked coffee and laze around in chunky knit sweaters?

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