Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Shift

So I love a good jumpsuit, but like I said I'm a classic girl at heart. The iconic shift illustrated in these vintage pattern illustrations is one of my favorite silhouettes and if I could I would stock my closet with one in every print, color, and pattern!

Necessary (pricey!) shifts:

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Bar Cart is Back

It's back. I promise ;) See more here and here!

{Rue May 2012 | Interior Design by Tamara Honey}

To be Bardot

Bouffants and cat-eyes will always be among my favorite things. I love how these photos by Mick de Lint capture the bombshell Bardot look. I recommend this eyeliner and volume powder if you fancy the same!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Series Love: Copy Cat Design

To die, no? It's one of the best that came out of this past High Point Market. Learn how to get the look in one of my favorite series Copy Cat Design (on Little Green Notebook) by the darling Colleen of There Comes a Yes. She kills it every time!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Favorite New Designer: Tiffany Richey Designs

I have a feeling you won't really be needing an explanation after seeing this picture. Tiffany Richey launched her interior design firm a year ago and I can't wait to see what she does! Her website is in the works but for now you can keep in touch through twitter or through her blog, M.A.S.H. Darling, right?!

pssst, I had the wonderful pleasure of meeting Tiffany at High Point Market, and I'm honored to be debuting some of her snazzy work in the next Magalog!

To the Islands We Go...

Pinch me!! I've been dreaming for months of going to far off places for a much needed vacation. I try not to complain because most of us take for granted that in all reality vacation is a luxury that many people can't afford. The truth is we've fallen into that category for the past couple of years, just pair unemployment with a start-up business and several moves, but yesterday we snuck away. (!)
Yes, there! I can hardly contain myself. I could do a bajil somersaults out of sheer joy and cry out of thankfulness. I've packed only the essentials. You know-- kaftans, bikinis, books :) We'll be celebrating this and hopefully doing a lot of nothing!
I've scheduled posts for the entire week in my efforts to be a better blogger! I hope you enjoy, meanwhile here are a few travel themed posts just for the occasion. See you soon :)

10 Weekend Bags
In-Flight Essentials
Your Own Personal Castle
Popular Books to Read Now
Have you read about LugLess?
And one sick kaftan.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Week Recap: Blogfest2012 and Everswoon Launch

Holy whirlwind!! Between Blogfest 2012 and Tamra's Everswoon launch party, this week was full of festivities, new experiences, new friends, and entirely too much indulgence. Just how I like it! I finally have a second to sit down, digest, and share a few snapshots. First up, Kips Bay Decorator Showhouse. A must see! Blame it on Society Social, but did anyone else notice all the hard liquor? ;)
In the living room by Bunny Williams Inc., Brian J. McCarthy Inc., David Kleinberg Design Associates
In a gentlemen's study by David Scott via SoHaute
Le Bureau Prive: Raji Radhakrishan/Raji RM & Associates contemporary home office
In a private office designed by Raji Radkahrishan via Rikki Snyder
In a conservatory by Charlotte Moss via SoHaute
Cheers, eh?! Here's a favorite snapshot from the Elle Decor Modern Life Concept House. Yes ma'am, I will!
I had the best time visiting with Sue from The Zhush. We traded calling cards and she was so sweet and instagrammed them! I can't tell you how exciting it was to meet bloggers I've admired from afar in real life, many of who have helped get Society Social where it is today. For that I will never be able to sing enough praise and give enough thanks!  

The morning in Hearst Tower was unreal. Kravet knocked it out of the park with the line-up from rockstar designers to Dara Caponigro of Veranda and Newell Turner of House Beautiful.  
In between events, I was so excited to be able to contribute a small help to Tamra's Everswoon social. She recently launched her boutique styling and event planning company and I donated a few pieces from my vintage shop to help style her vignette cases. 
Tamra's sparkly spirit is evident in everything she does and it was so great to see such a smashing turnout of support for her from industry professionals, friends, bloggers...
Blogging besties! Natalie Merrillyn, Alex, Chassity, Christine, Naomi, Amanda, Gabrielle, Tobe, Erika, Viviana, and Tamra
...and Bella of course!! You can see all the official event pics on Guest of a Guest and swoon over all of Tamra's work here
All in all it was one for the books. I walked away with a pocket full of amazing new experiences, new friends "in real life, " and a few late night photos from a ridiculous photo booth that should probably never see the light of day ;) 

Friday, May 25, 2012

4 Years Ago

I met Alan when I was 19. Yesterday was our 4 year wedding anniversary. Doesn't that sound crazy?! To celebrate we went to a simple dinner at our most favorite restaurant in the West Village. Our sweet friend Wes who is also the rockstar chef  ;) behind the restaurant always goes out of his way to make sure everything from the food to the timing is pure perfection.  We were already feeling so grateful and blessed when to our utmost surprise the table beside us picked up our bill with the reasoning that "you guys are great! Enjoy your anniversary!"  What?!  We were stunned and touched beyond words.  It was all I could do not to burst into tears.  I'm definitely guilty of getting caught up in the day to day and the random gesture of kindness by people we had only known for a short (but lovely!) evening reminded me what life is really all about.

I hope that by sharing a little tidbit of our night, I've inspired you to take a step back, to take a look around at this beautiful world, to count your blessings, and to perhaps pay it forward even if in the smallest of ways. I know I will be :)

Thursday, May 24, 2012

My First Jumpsuit

There hasn't been a lot of experimenting with fashion since the start-up. If I spend, it's most likely on something that will stretch my pretty pennies like a comfy layering tee, classic oxford, or stripes!

I used Blogfest 2012 as my excuse to revert to my old ways and bought then wore a jumpsuit for the first time this past week. I have to tell you, I loved every second of it ;) Do you own a jumpsuit?

Necessary jumpsuits--
And for fun, for tots ;)

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Perfectly Styled

Leave it to Bhldn to perfectly style their accessories around a charming personality. Miss Menswear? Primary Candidate? Which one are you?

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Country Living's House of the Year : Room to Spare Launch Party

Last night was the most beautiful night for a waterfront social. The newest addition to the Society Social team (my sweet sister!) and I attended Country Living's House of the Year 2012 : Room to Spare launch party.

The celebration was at the Waterfront Plaza in the World Financial Center and as the sun set and a delicious breeze whipped through, we sipped equally delicious cocktails while visiting three perfectly quaint country cottages nestled in the heart of downtown New York. Isn't that the loveliest idea?  Like a secret garden ;)
This is the first year the "House of the Year" is not one house, but three. Each micro-cottage was styled by Country Living editors in conjunction with guest designers and experts- Thomas Paul teamed up with Kreis Beall to design a guest room cottage, Ruard Veltman teamed up with Marcus Samuelsson to design a kitchen cottage, and Barbara Kurgan teamed up with Shauna Alterio and Stephen Loidolt to design a studio cottage. 
Shauna and Stephen, the over the top lovely and uber-creative duo behind Something's Hiding in HereForage, and the forthcoming Seed House, hosted Society Social's second photo shoot. In between rearranging, errr tearing apart their gorgeous loft, we struck up a friendship, and I was honored to be able to support them at their big debut! 
Their cottage boasted the most darling personal touches from vintage photos, fresh blooms, a floor to ceiling inspiration wall, and cozy seating area that made you feel right at home!
I mostly snapped a few detail shots as you really must make a visit yourself! Each cottage is bursting with inspiration and clever decorating ideas not to be missed. 
The project will be on display May 17-23 and you can find more information here!
Do tell me if you spy the hornet's nest ;) 
Congrats Country Living, Something's Hiding in Here, and all involved on a beautiful night and amazing finished project! 
p.s. Is this silly? I was totally giddy to see "Roxy Owens / Society Social" printed on my name tag and nearly passed out when an extremely kind someone recognized me from my business! Oh the little things :) 

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

111 East 29th Street (between Park and Lex)

Aren't the little unexpected pleasures in life the best? This particular weekend my (insert wild, paint the town type) best friend came for a last minute visit to the city. In between dancing on tables and (beer) garden frolicking, we had a lovely Sunday supper at Resto right in my neighborhood. As we were being seated, the waiter handed us old vintage books and upon flipping them open, we were delighted to find the cocktail menu! Just what we were looking for ;)

Want to tag along on my NYC adventures? Click here!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Gold Chain Link Bracelet

Arm parties. How do you feel about them? They've been all the rage, just check out these "Wrist Wars" on Refinery 29.  I've been known to sport an occasional flair-filled stack, but truthfully at heart, a simple combination is where I think it's really at ;) My daily wrist wardrobe = classic watch + simple gold chain bracelet. What about you? 

Gold chain bracelets you must have:
Loren Hope's Lindsey (in my jewel box!)  
Marc by Marc Jacobs (a rosie version!)
Stella McCartney (splurge!)

And a little of my own!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Things I'm Afraid to Tell You- Wave No. 2

Today I'm excited to be participating in a movement with fellow bloggers that was inspired by a brave lady who decided to bear all her insecurities with the intention of hopefully connecting with those out there who might be afraid to. She inspired a group of bloggers to do the same, and I immediately agreed when asked to participate in round 2. I truly feel that even if the smallest of ways, like sharing one's insecurities and fears, through a computer screen or not, we all have the ability to help and support each other!

See my list of "Things I'm Afraid to Tell you" and the list of bloggers who are putting themselves out there too after the jump!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Salad a Day

Spinach and Blue Cheese Salad
Strawberry and Walnut Salad

Grilled Corn and Chicken Salad

During the winter months I tend to gravitate towards heavier, heartier foods. Nothing beats a bowl of chili on a frigid, snowy day or a slow cooked roast with all the fixins. During the warmer months, and this may or may not have to do with bikinis on the horizon ;), I always find myself craving lighter and more simple meals. With that said, I loved this salad round-up at The Every Girl that shows you how to make 10 main meal-worthy salads for only $50 and a grocery list. It's perfect for my crazy schedule and summertime prep! Do you have seasonal favorites?

p.s. Isn't the styling so pretty?