Wednesday, May 29, 2013

New, One Of a Kind at Society Social

I went shopping, aka treasure hunting, for another round of vintage items for the Society Social collection, introduced them yesterday, and a lot of them are already gone! I was hoping these would never sell, I literally had to coach myself into giving them up, but they went in like 5 seconds, and, I almost cried. Damn. But I do love that I'm not the only one who loves a quirky (tacky?!) tchotchke or two, or three, or four.

If you're in the market for some flair, ;) you can shop my curated collection here!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Weekend Picture Book: Anniversary

Alan and I are doing a lot of traveling for weddings this year so for our 5 year anniversary we decided to stay in town. Staycations can be pretty fun when you make the most of them and especially when you live in NYC!

On Friday we headed to our fave restaurant in the hood, Resto. We've made it a tradition to order champagne and cheeseburgers here when we're in a celebratory mood :) i.e. after this. The cheeseburger isn't on the dinner menu, but simply ask and they'll happily oblige. The cocktail menu comes hidden in various vintage books; I always look forward to seeing which one they'll pull from the library!

I introduced Alan to a new favorite. Post-workout, we ordered Hot Pink and Thai Greens then proceeded to feel like champions. Work-out and juice bar before 10:30 on a Saturday? Yes, it felt victorious.

It was drizzly and chilly, but we walked the 10 blocks home anyway. I love peering into the perfectly manicured Gramery Park, since I obviously don't have a key. Don't those plants look like they were dreamt up by Dr.Seuss?

We ventured to a new-to-us restaurant for our anniversary dinner, Riverpark. It's secretly tucked at the end of our street and we never even knew! It sits on the bank of the East River and has the most marvelous views. Unfortunately it was unseasonably cold so we had to sit inside but I'd like to say it was lucky-- we were surrounded by twinkly lights from the outdoors and in.

We reasoned since we didn't go on a big anniversary trip, and it was too cold to make our rooftop cocktail reservations at the McKittrick, that we were allowed to splurge. (I can rationalize annnnything.) Between the delectable courses, the glittering atmosphere, not to mention the impeccable service, and the best company of course, it was such a romantic night :)

We ended the long weekend quietly. I got a little sun on my now pinkish shoulders, Alan made  Dr.Pepper ribs (he was so excited ;), and we squeezed in a little shopping, too! oops.

How do you celebrate anniversaries and special occasions? Do you go on big trips? Or do you make the most of being at home? Fancy dinners? Here is what we did last year (someone sweetly bought our meal!) and the year before.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day Sales to Shop (and what I bought)

Have you shopped any Memorial Day sales this weekend? I fell for this flirty spin on a classic cable knit dress (I would wear it on a hot date in the village ;) and this easy little tank that is so perfect for a balmy summer in the city. Each piece was less than $30. Score! This may have happened, too. Have you picked up any pretties? Here are a few sales you might want to know about.

Marais / 25% off everything with code "happy"
Loren Hope / 15% off $150 or more, + a FREE Lindsey Gold Link Bracelet with a purchase of $300+ with code "longweekend"
Refinery 29's Guide to everything and all from Asos to Shopbop and more! 

And if you need a pretty pillow, I got ya girl. 25% off at Society Social til midnight tonight. Happy Shopping! 

Friday, May 24, 2013

New Arrivals at Society Social (and a Sale!)

I have everything you need for the inevitable long weekend throwdown. 

Shop here then pour, sit, sip and repeat! 

And if you're like me, and collect pillows to switch in and out when you're over it, shop the SALE! A girl's gotta have options :)

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Apartment Therapy's Small Cool Contest 2013

I have a special place in my heart for New Yorkers living in 500 square feet or less. Apartment Therapy's Annual Small Cool Contest is going on now, my brother sent me this link and typed, "she might have you beat!" I browsed through the entries and here are a few itty bitty spaces that blew me away with their crouching corners (what the photographer who shot our place said about what he had to do to get the shot :) creativity!

And in case you missed it and would like to see, here's our little apartment. 400 square feet doesn't have to be frustrating.

For fun, list your square footage below! 

I Bought a Bikini.

My workout regime needs a little boost. Nothing like a hot, new bikini to get my butt to the gym!

Sunblock (Wouldn't this be fun for the 4th?!) | Starboard (love these bustiers!)

It's cloudy and cool here in New York, I will be here eating fruit, awaiting my new motivator, and thinking of warmer weather and summer vacas. Do you have any fun summer trips planned? Where? I'm heading here, here, and here

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A Korean Filipino Fusion Wedding

Alan and I are heading off to Asia for my brother's weddings this summer. We are staying here! There are two ceremonies planned to incorporate traditions from both our cultures-- Korean, Chinese/Filipino. The more the merrier, right? I love weddings in general, but I'm so excited to experience the nuptials while learning more about the customs of our new extended family!
The bride and groom will be wearing the kind of tux and wedding gown we're accustomed to seeing here in the states (Linah will actually have 4 gowns. Can you believe that is traditional?! Umm, awesome!), the moms will be wearing traditional Korean handboks, the dads and groomsmen will be in barongs or tuxes, and my sister and I were given the option to wear whatever we please. Yeah, our future sis is pretty cool:)
Instead of going with a regular bridesmaid or cocktail dress, we've decided to have a little fun and just go with it! We've sent these beautiful images of a modern take of the traditional Korean hanbok to the dressmaker, and I'm so anxious to see how they turn out!
Alan and I had a traditional Catholic wedding, what kind of wedding did you have? Did you incorporate new or old, unfamiliar traditions? What did you wear?! 

Monday, May 20, 2013

Weekend Picture Book: How to Have a Glorious Weekend

Get your hair done. For the first time in 9 months. Then continue to feel like this the rest of the weekend.

Try out a new restaurant, one that serves your Mr.'s most favorite dish, Ramen Misoya in the East Village

Go to a familiar standby for after dinner cocktails for two. Then (slow) walk the 20some blocks home :)

Get dolled up in that dress (on major super sale) and those heels you bought even though, "I have nowhere to wear this to..." 

Celebrate a dear friend. Happy SURPRISE birthday, Tam! Priceless. Love ya girl!

Make new friends and "dance til dawn."

End the weekend taking it easy around the neighb aka taking full advantage of living in the big city (read: seamless) then watch the 15 Mad Mens you've missed while traveling.
Hope you had a glorious weekend! See you this week!

{Birthday Pics by Cassie Castellaw Photography}

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Cocktails You'll Want Now-- and It's Not Even Noon

Grapefruit and Mint Refresher (Juice for breakfast!)
Pineapple Cilantro Serrano Cocktail (one creative concoction)
Cucumber Mint Gimlet (Martha knows.)
Holy Summer Cocktail Round-up! (All of 'em under gin.)
Mad Men Approved (I'll take what Roger's having.)
The Bloody Gary (garlic vodka?!)

{Photo by Lawrence Te for Society Social}

Friday, May 17, 2013

What to Wear This Weekend

This is the first weekend we have to ourselves in a long time. The weather is supposed to dance around the sunny 70s, and I fully intend on doing activities that fall strictly under the leisure and outdoor category. Just give me a t-shirt and a glass of wine :) TGIF!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Nacho & Prince Harry Play Polo

Prince Harry and Nacho Figueras opponents in yesterday's Sentebale Royal Salute Polo Cup in Greenwich, CT.

I'm planning a bachelorette party for my monogram and Lilly lovin' southern belle of a best friend in Palm Beach this summer and let's just say I am so sad that it won't be during polo season. I'm sure the girls would be equally disappointed :)

Send a Love Note to a Stranger

Love notes and thinking of you notes are totally underrated. This sweet little letter unexpectedly popped into my inbox; I was immediately struck with curiosity then pure delight. Although we've exchanged a few emails, I've never met this person, I hardly know much about her (except that she is an amazing business woman that I admire), and by society norms we'd be strangers (but not for long if I have anything to do with it ;) if given the chance to be in the same room. I was totally caught off guard by her kind gesture and even though this was sent a few months ago her thoughtfulness continues to stick with me, especially on tough "why me?!" days. Have you sent an unexpected note lately? I think the world is lacking, let's change that.

Whether it's to an unsuspecting loved one or to an even more unsuspecting stranger, here are some adorable cards that I really think we should snatch up and send off.  :) Who would you write to?

Del Toro. I need them. All.

Seersucker, Gingham, Glitter, Cheetah, Stripes, Velvet, Leather? Whhaaaat. I'm quite literally obsessed with Del Toro's entire line of stylish sidewalk friendly footwear. With spring in full swing, all I've wanted to do is traipse around the city for hours on end,  just like on Sunday, exploring every last corner of this glorious little island. I need happy feet for these spring adventures, which makes at least one of the above necessary. Right? :)

Check them all out here and tell me which one's your fave!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Vacation Planning: Gangam Style

Alan and I will be heading off to Seoul this summer for my brother's 1 (of 2!) weddings. We've been excitedly planning the trip and were stoked to have recently discovered airbnb. Have you heard of it? "Whether an apartment for a night, a castle for a week, or a villa for a month, Airbnb connects people to unique travel experiences" around the world.
My sweet brother and soon-to-be sis when they met in Seoul!
The apartment we booked is in the heart of Gangnam (yes, like the song) which is apparently one of the most affluent neighborhoods in Seoul. Instead of spending $300+ a night for five nights at a hotel, we're staying in this brightly lit high-rise apartment for just $80/night.

Setting the Bar with Mrs.Lilien in Luxe Mag

I'm honored and excited that Luxe Magazine asked me to share my social cocktailin' practices in their latest issue! I'm even more excited that they write that the retro-style bar cart is making its way back onto the party scene. Here's a little snippet from my interview:

"Bar carts can be used as buffets in a dining room, a nightstand in a bedroom, and, in the case of small living spaces, an end table on top and a bar on the bottom. Mine holds a lamp, books, pictures frames, and a vessel filled with blooms in addition to the usual cocktail suspects. Style it with all of the above and it truly becomes a pretty and useful piece in your home."

The bar cart truly is the epitome of style, function, and fun; I'm still so passionate about my little mission. To say I've said it before would be an understatement, but "the bar cart is back" y'all! Look out for a new design this Fall!!

{Society Social Mrs. Lilien Bar Cart shown above}

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Weekly Horoscope

I had this roommate in grad school who would start off her day by reading hers, as well as all our, horoscopes out loud. There were four of us; they always made us laugh out of pure ridiculousness. "A love interest will come around? What love interest? Preposterous." Or we'd wrinkle our foreheads wondering "Hmm, what is this long awaited desire that will finally come to fruition? Someone will tell me what to do after graduation? Awesome!" Sometimes I still read my horoscope just for fun. :) This week's:

"The sky is the limit. Your drive to succeed is impressive this week, and the impresarios are taking note. Charm your way onto guest lists and into VIP rooms. The brass ring is yours for the taking. If you want to keep it, however, you’ll need to play nice….or nicer. Try not crush people in your climb to the top."

VIP here I come. Ha! What's in store for you this week? Read your horoscope here!

{1950s model, Sunny Harnett...wonder what her horoscope said?}

Weekend Picture Book: My Baby Sister Turned 21!

Can you believe my baby sister was 12 when I turned 21? (Yes, that makes me almost 30, hangin' on!) She flew up from NC over the weekend to celebrate with her big sis, the biggest lush she knows- smart move, little, smart move. We kicked off the weekend at Dry Bar.

Good thing our blowouts flattened in approx 30 seconds due to the nastiest, rainiest Saturday possible, but it was fun nonetheless. Naturally we both ordered some "Southern Comfort" then proceeded to do brunch, mani/pedis, and a shopping spree for the birthday girl.
The rest of the weekend was filled with dinners out, more brunch, and cocktails of course! Maharlika in particular was a highlight, a modern take on Filipino food in the East Village. They seriously had it all-- spam (personally...ew), head-on prawns (just like we Asians like it), banana ketchup (!), Sky Flakes, longganisa, pandesal, avocado shakes (just like my grandfather likes)... I was in homeland heaven.  I ordered the Eggs Imelda and ate with fork, annnnd, spoon. So Asian. 
Because Maharlika's liquor license is pending (they graciously called to let us know before hand, could you imagine the horror of finding out on sight?!), we headed to The Toucan and the Lion for a little after brunch booze. It was right around the corner from Maharlika and so cute. We sat at the front communal style table, the large front windows flung open, and enjoyed the most beautiful Sunday.
Katarina ordered what I like to call "real cocktails" i.e. the Crimson and Clover (tequila at noon? that's my girl) and the Genmaicha Russian versus a rum and coke, vodka cran, and other cocktails of that less thoughtful variety while Alan and I had "mimosas" (sub plum ginger juice for oj!) and bloody marys.  I proceeded to break out into the Asian glow; it obviously induces peace-sign hand gestures.
Alan and I spent the rest of Sunday walking up and down the island of Manhattan, quite literally, it took us about 3 hours! It was so breezy and unseasonably cool that we couldn't resist putting on our walking shoes and soaking up the sun. We walked the length of East River Park catching up over the last month since I've been traveling then explored unfamiliar-to-us neighborhoods, making a list along the way of restaurants and bars to try, of course!  
It was a perfect way to end the weekend. Gosh, I love NYC! Hope you've gotten off to a great start-- I'm a little swamped as you can tell by the late weekend recap. See you this week!