Friday, April 20, 2012

The Truth about High Point Market

At the beginning of the month, I decided on a whim to show a few of my designs at High Point Market for the very first time.

Among all the other things that go into showing, I immediately contacted my brilliant graphic designer to put together an "invitation." Her designs always make me smile and never fail to make me feel like I'm putting Society Social's best foot, rather face, forward. Not to mention we are so in sync, I swear she can read my mind! Despite having a pretty invitation to send out to the world, I held on to it. My mom took the liberty of sending it to a press room where it's probably sitting with a bajil others, "safely" hidden under stacks, but as for me, I didn't tweet it. I didn't blog it. I didn't instagram or even Facebook it.  For all that know me, that is comparable to the grass being blue and the ocean green. As a small business, new no less, with minimal funds for heavy duty advertising and PR, I know I must be on top of my social media game to even have a fighting chance.

As I vacuumed up the showroom yesterday and placed my finishing touches, old friends popped in for a surprise visit. I gushed about how excited I was, enthusiastically showed them around, but when it came to the question, "Well, do you have many visits lined up?" my answer was (pause), "I guess I haven't really told anyone."

It was the first time I said it out loud and the first time I let myself realize that the reason for my  "silence" is a simple truth-- fear. It sounded sheepish when I said it. It sounds silly even as I type it, and I can't help feeling embarrassed, but keeping it to myself eased the anxiety. If nobody knows, then I can't be too devastated if nobody shows up. If nobody knows, then writing even one order will be a victory. Then there's the matter of people liking my designs and styling, what if I can't pull it off to my own standards? I mean, I think most companies have their own team of designers and stylists to plan out each vignette, some working 6 months in advance to complete a showroom. (I've only been in business 8!) Although I have more support than I could ever ask for and be grateful for, it's more of a DIY operation, and how exactly are you supposed to style a space with just 6 bar carts and 8 chairs? I was terrified that it would look like a game of drunken musical chairs. Fun for sure ;), but definitely not first impression material.

After our visitors left, I resumed vacuuming and thinking, of course. A few rooms later, I came to the conclusion that shamefully enough, I let my fear of failure paralyze me so much so that I didn't even send out my market invitation.  Have you ever done that to yourself? Have you ever talked yourself down to a degree where even trying seems scary? It makes me sad that I let myself do that to myself. Yes, all on my own. I have a husband who supports me, my family who believes in me, friends who are still my friends even if I hardly have time to play, and all of you who have been incredibly wonderful and encouraging all along the way. I have no excuse.

Market officially starts tomorrow, and even though it's a little, okay way late, I want to finally share my little invite. (above) Hosting Society Social is Acacia Home & Garden, a company that is more dear to my heart than you can imagine, and you can find a few of my bar carts in their beautiful showroom situated right beside the Pavilions.  Of course if you're at High Point Market, and of course only if you would like to stop by.

So my new sign is slightly crooked and in my attempts to correct it, the "g" is missing, but that's okay because I am doing what I love with the people that I love, and that is enough  :) And also because we're southern, "introducin'" is totally acceptable. Right? Right!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

You're Invited...

One of my favorite bloggers, rather blogging team Smith & Ratliff, is hosting a dinner for their first 8 readers who sign up. I think it such a delightful and adventurous gesture to invite complete strangers into your home for an intimate dinner. I tremendously enjoy dinner parties, as well as connecting and learning about people's unique stories, and what better way over a carefully prepared four course meal and bottles of vino. (byob!) Do you find it dreadfully charming too?

Unfortunately, I won't be back until the city until May so I think one of y'all should sign up. :)

p.s. They make a mean Manhattan.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Weekend Picture Book

Better late than never? I don't have a lot of time, work will most definitely be taking over my life for the next 3-4 weeks, but I wanted to quickly share small moments from a really, really good weekend.  Friday came along, thankfully, and Alan and I headed downtown for a lovely dinner at Cacio e Pepe.
I bought a new notebook at McNally Jackson in SoHo that makes me happy every time I look at it. Did you know they do darling custom notebooks

I tried the half-tuck and was told that I looked like a ridiculous throwback to the 90s. Did people do that back then? I don't remember. Either way, I'm okay with it. Are you?
We ordered tapas of the sweet variety at the popular SPOT around St. Marks. Does one need four desserts at one sitting? Our answer is "Yes." More later!
Birthdays. I love them. Aren't the R. sisters beautiful? Nat and I went to Parsons together, and it's just so delightful to still be sharing cocktails and cupcakes years later. More civilized rather, but all together 100% delightful. Do visit The Wren in NoHo. One of the bartenders looks like Orlando Bloom. The cocktails are on point. Annd, it's just entirely too cool in that NYC kinda way.
Girls just wanna have fun. Happy birthday, Nat!
On Sunday, Alan suggested we go on a special brunch date before my business trip.  I thought it was really thoughtful :) We went to "the lowdown downtown" spot, DBGB. They are known for meat apparently. I can confirm on the sausage. More on that later, too. We read the quotes on the mirrors to each other while waiting for our food. My favorite was by Madame Lilly Bollinger-- the first one here. Capisce?

Then I hopped a plane for one cray month so I'll be in and out, but I'lll be checking in! Promise! Hope y'all had a wonderful weekend as well!

p.s. I heart NYC. It's so good to be back.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Today's Mantra

I'm feeling very adventurous. 
There are so many doors to be opened,
and I'm not afraid to look behind them.
-Elizabeth Taylor

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

NYC Apartment Update

I've had this photo saved in my archives for a while now so you can imagine the sheer joy when I found a vintage 1950s sputnik chandelier on an Ebay auction starting at 9.99 when they usually cost thousands.

Then you can also imagine my utter devastation when I forgot about it on my watch list due to this past weekend's celebrations and open up my browser to this screenshot. It sold for a mere $152.  I lost sleep over it. Alan called me stupid for losing sleep over lighting. Do I have a kindred spirit out there?!

On a brighter note, I wanted this gorgeous green over-dyed rug but at $4000 it was about as likely as pigs flying. It does get brighter...

Then I found this hand-knotted, wool, antique Turkish rug, 8 x 10 for less than most people spend on food monthly. Who needs to eat when you have a fabulous rug, right? Kidding! Per Naomi's advice, I think we're going to have it picked up to be over-dyed by a company here in the city. It's more cost effective, believe it or not, and they offer a bajil shades!

Want to see more? You can see a sneak peek of my new (!) custom drapes here and my Duchesses here. More to come!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Weekend Picture Book

This past weekend was Alan's birthday. It was one of those milestone birthdays, but being what I consider to be the easiest person to please in all of the universe, he requested no big parties, only that we do some of his "favorite things." Movies are his "favorite." So we watched four (!), half of them being beyond ridiculous and one of them "Like Crazy," a captivating film about falling in love, that I truly adored. I swear, he picked it!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Happy Birthday, Alan

It's a very special someone's birthday weekend, and I'm taking out lots of time to celebrate. We're keeping it low key, but filling it with lots of "favorite things." I'll be back soon with a report on our shenanigans :) Hope y'all are having an excellent weekend! Bottoms up!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Mint in Marrakesh

Dream a little dream- an outrageously ridiculous kaftan, minty cocktails to go with the marvelous minty mood, exotic, peculiarly interesting guests, and a legendary mixer in Marrakesh not to be forgotten for years to come.

Flirty 50s

Retro style just does it for me, especially the 50s.  I'm eternally inspired by the silhouettes- feminine, flirty, sexy, chic. 50s style is the epitome of what every woman should be.

Fun fashion history side note: During the post-war era of the 1950s, women were transitioning from conservative wartime garb to full and flowing silhouettes, also what came to be known as the era of Christian Dior's iconic "New Look."

{Miranda Kerr for Harper's Bazaar US April 2012 via Fashion Gone Rogue}

Monday, April 2, 2012

252 Lafayette Street (btw Prince & Spring)

Do you adore vintage fashion as much as I do? If so, Amarcord Vintage in SoHo will be the end of you. Think retro-fab Pucci, Schiaparelli, Dior, Gucci, and Missoni to name a few. Hanging on to your pretty pennies in this smashing little shop is like holding your breath for an unnaturally long amount of time- at some point you'll have to exhale! I snuck into the dressing room with a 1970s kaftan by a Spanish designer and hanging behind me a Pucci mini. Are you gasping for breath yet? ;)

Want to see more of "My New York?" Click here!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Weekend Picture Book

It was such a gray weekend in the city but signs of spring are still all around. Half of the trees on our street have sprung forward while the other half are at least thinking about it. This quaint house is across the street from our apartment and is the only one of its kind plopped right in the midst of mundane apartment buildings. I always wonder who lives there as I pass by. Isn't it darling?