Sunday, June 30, 2013

Weekend Outfit: Lilly of the Islands

Lilly Pulitzer can sometimes read a little young, but choose a floor length dress with an interesting neckline and you won't feel like a 19 year old sorority girl at the Carolina Cup. (No offense...I am just wayyy out of college!) 

This bright neon dress with pretty lace detailing and keyhole neckline feels sophisticated and playful, like it's made for Palm Beach, the tropics, cocktail hours, dinner party hostessing, and general frolic. And I love that it was pulled from Lilly's vintage design vault and Palm Beach in the 50s. I was so inspired by that era when designing my bar carts and hostess gowns. Retro-chic!

Friday, June 28, 2013

Crispy Polenta Bites and Cheeky Peach Lemonade

Every time I get an email from the Society Social entertaining expert, Your Southern Peach, I always want to pack my bags and head to Georgia to Amy's house! She creates the most delicious recipes, and aside from this particular shoot, photographs her work herself.

She brought her sweet southern charm and not to miss recipes (perfect for any summer soiree!) to the latest Manifesto Magalog (page 58!) and I'm so excited to share another installment of her column, The Social Bite + Bev. You'll need this sip and app for the weekend :) We're almost there, my loves! 

{Special Thanks to Rustic White Photography}

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

How Your Favorite Hue Colors Your Home

The bedroom makeover and debated upon mural is taking another direction. I'm thinking it might be too much trouble to plan out and execute a hand-painted citrus grove. Ya, think? :) Sometimes I just get carried away in my design endeavors! My room has such beautiful whitewashed molding that I think picking a fresh paint color would better serve the architecture already in place. I'm currently smitten with an inviting coral but am so tempted to do a calming, serene blue since it is a bedroom, after all.

Do you base the colors you put in your home on how they make you feel? I would love to know! You can see the full "The Color Cue" story in the latest Manifesto Magalog and a sneaky peeky of my custom headboard (more on that later) that went in this morning, here!

{Photography by Lawrence Te, Graphic Design by Colleen Nathanson}

Monday, June 24, 2013

Monday Motivation

Ella is giving out Monday motivation-- Go forth and Get It Girl!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Weekend Outfit: Zara Color Block Dress

Over the weekend, finally reunited with my dad and brother, San, after the better part of a year, the family went out on the town for dinner, drinks, and ballroom dancing! I wore this easy silk-like Zara color block dress (so breezy and perfect for the steamy tropical temps) and barely there nude sandals (that make me less self-conscious about my athletic legs) and topped it all of with my favorite Loren Hope necklace.

I slightly murdered the samba. Okay... totally. And Mom took Dad and San for a spin to the tune of cha-cha, salsa, and fox trot. It was so great seeing everyone together and happy!  I can't wait for Alan and the rest of the fam to join us. Hope y'all had a great weekend, too :)

p.s. If you want, I'll be updating Instagram with all my summer adventures. You can follow here! And, can you Samba? Teach me!

Friday, June 21, 2013

2 Days, 4 Planes, and What to Carry-On

Thank goodness for the kindness of strangers. I pleaded with the man across the aisle as I hyperventilated and sobbed uncontrollably,

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Pillow Talk

A few perfect sofa recipes in the latest Manifesto Magalog. You can view the whole story and all the colorful pillow pick-me-ups in the latest issue here

{Photography by Lawrence Te // By Colleen}

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Manifesto Magalog is Live!

I found out last week that I unexpectedly and immediately have to leave the country for a family emergency. What was supposed to be three weeks until departure turned into hours and it's been inexplicably hard to function and focus, which makes me more proud than normal to tell you that the latest Manifesto Magalog is live. My awesome team and I worked so hard to get this out before I have to skip town and I really hope you enjoy! Here are a few of my faves--

If you would like to see more, you can check it all out over at Society Social and while you're over the new arrivals are out, too! As always, thank you so much for your support :) I would love to hear what you think!

Also, I will have a few things scheduled so it won't be complete radio silence, but for now, please send lots of good vibes and prayers!! I need them all.

{Photography by Lawrence Te}

Monday, June 17, 2013

My Bedroom Makeover

Mom and Dad have been bugging me for months to choose a new paint color for my bedroom in our home in the Philippines. They first built the house when I was in high school and at the time I chose a cheery salmon color that I paired with sheer white linens and honey-hued rattan. I've been dragging my feet in indecision, but we'll be there for the wedding in about month so it's now or never. After quite the colorful week in the blog world at Erika's...

...and this citrus-y chair at Hanna's...
...I've been inspired to go bolder and more graphic than a fresh coat of paint. I'm obsessed with some kind of citrus tree or floral and fauna motif so thus far I've pulled Mangosteen... (Mangos are my favorite fruit and the national fruit of the Philippines. They must be related, right?)

...and Naples, both from my favorite Thibaut.

I've also saved this beaut from the Oly Studio showroom at Highpoint last year. You probably recognize it from Pinterest and all over the blogosphere; it made its rounds!

A talented artist has already painted gorgeous murals in the other parts of the house so if I don't go with wallpaper I'm so tempted to have him come in and have at it in my room.  I only have to see it at the most once a year, therefore the chances of me tiring of it are pretty slim-- why not go bolder, right?

A hand-painted mural or wallpaper? Of course, I would pair it up with all kinds of my fabulous faux bamboo! What do you think?

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Booze Totes

Andrea and I designed these cheeky wine totes for the "well bred-party patron and champion shopper of fine wine and spirits." Society Social is growing (yay!!) and my official new design associate and right hand lady, (I can't wait to introduce her y'all--next week!!) snapped these pretty photos to show them off. They make for a perfect hostess gift or personal shopping tote!

So, are you an after party/hotel lobby kinda girl? Pimm's cup picnic-er in Central Park? Sipper of Gin and Juice? Check them out here. I hope y'all love!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Perfect Summer Sweater

The dolman sleeve sweater...might as well call it a blanket in my book.  Not always ideal for winter (where do those bat wing like sleeves go when the winter puffer goes on?) but so perfect for cooler months and even summer when layers aren't mandatory for life. This marled grey version is so lightweight, loung-y, and soft that it would be perfect for say a 36 hour voyage (!) hopping from chilly plane to chilly plane. You can find me in coach, but no worries, I'll be all cozied up in my blanket slash sweater.

And because we are always doing something ridiculous around here, Mom and I discovered that one day (if) it will also double as a maternity wear. Proven by the largest watermelon I have ever bought at Wal-Mart. Money in the bank y'all.

{Photography by Lawrence Te | Nasty Gal Static Knit Sweater | Watermelon pic by Mom}

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

In between...

I'm in between fabric market and launching a new Manifesto Magalog, the fourth one in Society Social's two years, and I have to say in all honesty it's the best one yet. I'm extremely excited to share but for now please excuse my spotty correspondence. Here are a few things that have been going on around here...

  • My new designs, the fancy footsy tables, (above!! :) are now in the shop. They make me so happy.
  • While the cat's away the mice will play. The Mr. turned chatty Kathy has called me from here and here one too many drinks deep. He is a hilarious boozer.
  • I added to my growing vintage collection! My closet is getting way interesting #ilovethe80s
  • Mom found out she wasn't feeding Makai enough. This explains everything :(
  • I was recently introduced to Bubble Butt and could not stop dancing for hours. (I advise NOT watching the video.)
  • I listen to random Spotify playlists during work. I found myself bouncing around to this one too many times and assumed a Bugatti was some kind of Italian villa, it is not. Would you know what one was? 
  • I poured over this article and took major mental notes!
  • Nikki sent awesome Hugh & Crye shirts for my boys. We are getting a photo shoot on the books to show them off soon :)
I'll be back to regular scheduling soon! Hope everyone is doing fabulous! xoxo!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Nasty Gal Cutaway Tank

I recently made my first purchase at Nasty Gal, one of them being this basic grey tank. I'm obsessed with the racerback (and racerfront!) cut and soft sheer fabric. I paired it with denim cut offs and was happy as a clam at my brother's "grill and chill" cookout yesterday. What are you wearing this summer? Basic, casual style is all I can handle when the temperatures soar to steamy levels!

LT took these photos on our back porch in front of a backdrop he made himself. (after an intense round of bocce ball :) I love how they turned out. Here are more if you would like to see!

Friday, June 7, 2013

What do you know about your name? What does it sound like to other people?

According to NameVoyager, (I'm not sure how I found myself on there, maybe it was after mom thought it would be funny to stuff a 10lb watermelon up my shirt), here are a few tidbits about "Roxanne"-- 

-Peaked in the 1950s (Alan, too!)
-Greek/Persian meaning "Dawn of Day" (this makes me smile)
-Roxanne's often get sung "Roxxannnnnnne" by The Police (this does not)
-The name of Alexander the Great's Wife and Peter Pulitzer's, husband of the Lilly Pulitzer, scandalous  sex-driven, tabloid star ex
-Main character in "Cyrano de Bergerac" (my namesake and also my mom's middle name-- my grandmother was a lit professor and loved the play!)
-To most people Roxanne sounds sexy but not very friendly or young

What do you know about your name? Plug it in here and report back! Besides, it's Friday, the brain is fried, and a little mindless fun never hurt. Right? :)


Thursday, June 6, 2013

New! A Room Recipe.

Lots of things happening behind the scenes at the ol' biz! I can't believe it will be two years in August. Silly new arrivals, exciting new partnerships, a new magalog launching very soon, welcoming a new SS team member... :)

...official announcements are in the works and one more big one, a milestone rather, coming later this summer but for now I hope you enjoy this new column at The Social Diary, Room Recipe, featuring the new Chesterfield sofa, the new Cleo table, and new Chevron pillow in Jonathan Adler orange. New seems to be the word of the day! What's new with you? New shoes? New home?  New read? New favorite cocktail? Share your news!

Gray Malin in New York City

Y'all must know of photographer Gray Malin, but just in case click here and proceed to be whisked away to dreamy, far off lands, and nearby lands too, that are made to look magical. My favorites thus far are from his exotic A la plage and A la piscine collections, but when I knew he was taking NYC by helicopter...

...I knew my Gray Malin wish list was about to grow...the entire length of Manhattan :) How about this whimsical aerial over Coney Island?
And its colorful beach.  
During warmer months, Central Park Lawn is always overtaken by city slicker sun seekers, picnic go-ers, and general frolic-ers. 
Actually I'm sure of it that every last park is overtaken, backyards and personal outdoor space are an aspiration to most New Yorkers, but the parks! We have the parks! Bryant Park...  
 Washington Square Park. Have you ever played in the fountain? I think it needs to get on that to do list of mine.
The new New York collection will be in his shop by the end of the week, and I can't wait to see photos of my favorite city through his lens. I think a large oversize NYC-scape for our apartment would be the perfect pick me up on those days when the city is extra tough and when I am reminded of our astronomical rent. Living the dream y'all :)