Thursday, June 28, 2012

Old Family Photo

Mom posted this on Facebook yesterday and I just had to share. I love looking at photos of my parents back in the day :) And don't my brother and I look like little munchkins? His Peter Pan collar and little neck tie are killing me. Tweedle Dee, is that you? ;) Sometimes I forget we were ever that little!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Fairytale Towns

Yesterday I clicked on a tweet by Haven in Paris (one day!) and found myself lost in the the dreamy town of Colmar, France and then subsequently pouring over an article about "fairytale towns" while stopping nothing short of pinching myself. I want to drink up those very places- the sights, the smells, the culture, the food! Do you have a "fairytale town" you are dying to visit?

You must check it out, the roofs of the houses on Faroe Island are totally Hans Christian Andersen!

{De Quelles Planete Es-Tu?}

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Twist Around Top + Laser Cut

A twist on a classic. My kinda wardrobe staple.

A T-strap, laser cut detail heel that would shatter my piggy bank into a million pieces but a girl can dream, right?

{Tobi | Aperlai}

Project Picnic

Ever since our new picnic blanket came in the mail, I've been itching to picnic in the park. Most New Yorkers have postage stamp living space, us included, so any opportunity or activity to get outdoors is a necessary survival tip against major cabin fever! Whether it's for sanity preserving purposes ;) or simply to enjoy the summer sun, here are picnic blankets to help you take it outside with style.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Crostini Combinations

I love when I stumble upon new-to-me blogs that inspire me to take my reading to reality. Erin's pea shoot and radish crostini had me fighting to cross 5th Ave during the pride parade just to snatch up my favorite ricotta. (It took me to 15 mins to cross. Surriously?!)
I also bought whole wheat baguette, micro greens, the best  brand of tomatoes I've ever had, lemon for zest, basil, and prosciutto then proceeded to have the easiest, lightest summer supper. Add wine of course ;) 
Tip: The possibilities are truly endless with crostini. As long as you have baguette for the base, and in my opinion really good olive oil, you can often whip it up without running to the store. Experiment with combinations of veggies, cheese, Italian meats, jams, and fruit. Here are 10 easy recipes to try and my version here!

{Photography via Reading My Tea Leaves}

Summer Scarf

Have you ever worn a head scarf? I noticed them on a few stylish heads around the city this weekend and I love the touch of bohemian flair or sassy glamour it can add to an outfit. I've only ever worn it as a head wrap, but I think it would be fun to wear it like Keiko or in a low bun wrap. What do you think? 

Necessary scarves:
"The Perfect Square" (I wish!)

{image via Refinery 29}

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Weekend Picture Book

Gay pride on 5th.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Our Marriage and Trying New Things

Half the time I'm traveling and the other half there are long days that usually turn into working nights. It's exhausting and truthfully on most days all we can manage are a few inquiries about the other's day before bedtime.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Rachel Pally Cutout

It's bordering 100 degrees here in the city today. All I can think about is how nice it would be to walk around naked. Yes, hot enough to stifle insecurities. My goal du jour is to minimize clothing: shorts, tanks, cut-outs when tasteful. The extra yardage may defeat the purpose, but this easy Rachel Pally Cutout dress (in my signature color too!) fits my summer wardrobe bill. It also comes in stripes and pink! What do you think?

Favorite Designer: Eskayel

I was introduced to the talented designer behind Eskayel a few months back and it went something like, "Yes! I know who you are! You are all over my Pinterest boards!" (oh, social media!) I'm entranced by the depth, use of color, and global feel of Shanan's work. She manages to make distinct patterns feel effortless and organic. Aside from her killer wallpaper, I would just love one of her rugs for the apartment! Check out her work hereWould love to know what you think!

{Domino Quick Fixes}

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Summer of Rose

I've always been a strictly full-bodied red kinda girl, but I decided that this will be the summer of rosé. I vaguely remember trying it during my stay in France ("vin du pays" they called it, think their version of Trader's two buck chuck ;), but I really for the first time enjoyed it at Batali's Otto...
...and again most recently, a dizzying version from Sardinia at La Follia. Do you have any recs for me? Cheers to a rosy summer :)

{Art by Caitlin McGauley}

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Bar Cart is Back

It's not only back, but I think it's safe to say alive and well ;)

{Glitter Guide "Style at Home | Catherine Sheppard of The Life Styled}

Favorite New Brand: Poplin & Queen

I'm so excited to share a unique new brand, Poplin & Queen, by southern charmers and dear kindred spirits Lindsey Cheek of Fifi Cheek and Shannon Darrough of I Love Your Crazy! The girls have masterminded and founded a "boutique firm that specializes in interior design, styling, and social media."

Are you intrigued? I certainly am! Offering consulting in several areas of expertise, I think these ladies are showing us how the world is changing, how businesses are changing! Needs tips on how to zhush up your online presence? Wouldn't you rather be confidently led by purveyors of chic who can tell you how to do the same to your living room? Street cred, people!

Never mind social media, especially if it's not your thing, but what if you need a discerning and fashionable eye to up the ante on your abode? Wouldn't you rather enlist the help of a supremely stylish pair who can navigate and utilize every social media outlet and online source to bring your casa only the cheers-inducing?

The two are proving that style really is all encompassing, and I for one cannot wait to see what they've got up their social, stylish sleeves! Their site launches soon but for now follow here!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Some Favorites from Magalog II!

My second Manifesto Magalog went live over the weekend with the big announcement early this morning! I'm feeling all warm and fuzzy over the outpouring of support and wanted to extend some virtual lovin' to all of you :) I can't tell you much it means. Seriously, sisters!!

I always try to incorporate peers and new designers spanning a variety of fun industries, as well as other small home brands, (there's room for all of us to shine and I firmly believe in supporting each other whenever we can!) so do pop by their digs too if you like what you see! Again, many many hugs and kisses!!

{Photography by Thesis | Styling by Styled Creative and Moi | Images 5 & 7 Design by Tiffany Richey | Shout-out to my Graphic Designer Adrienne Yancey and Web Designer Jared Hocutt!}

She Wishes She Was Wearing at A Piece of Toast

I was totally flattered when the super sweet sisters, Molly & Sally, at A Piece of Toast asked me to participate in their She Wishes She Was Wearing series. I hardly deserve their sparkly write-up! Thank you so much, beautifuls! Pop over to see more :)

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Weekend Picture Book

Alan and I have made it a ritual to go on a date the first night I return from business trips. Friday was gorgeous, breezy and cool, so we decided to walk about until we stumbled upon a restaurant that piqued our interest. "Celebrate your day with Rosé!" on a sidewalk chalkboard was all it took :) With its warm ambiance and delectable menu, I have a feeling La Follia is going to be a reg!
This came in the mail. Do you have one? With all of New York's parks and summer outdoor events, I'm determined to put it to good use. At 60 x 60, it's perfect for two :)
I woke up early on Saturday all gung-ho about parkin' it. With new picnic blanket, a stack of magazines, and snacks we were off to Madison Square Park only to find the lawn was closed for maintenance! (wah wah wah) We made it work with lunch beside the fountain!
Have you been to the Union Square Green Market? They have the best produce from local New York farms and vendors. If not to buy, (you have to be in the mood because the crowds are cray!), then to at least look.
The abundance of greens, reds, purples, and yellows is intoxicating!
Alan loves carrots. He buys the full grown ones (not the babies) and eats them like Bugs Bunny. It makes me laugh.
Today we biked for what seemed like forever around Central Park. The grounds were teeming with festivities and we loved being a part of it. I'll be blogging about it this week in a new My Cup of Te series focusing on marriage and trying new things together, I hope you'll love :) 
p.s. Happy Father's Day to all the daddies out there and to one special one. Dad, you're my inspiration!!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Hosting Cocktails at There Comes A Yes!

Come over to Colleen's! I'm hosting a NYC Cocktail Culture Crawl ;)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Behind the scenes video of SS Photo Shoot II

Magalog II, Part I to launch this week. Huzzah.

The first one here!

{Many many thanks to: Photography and Video by Thesis, Styling by Styled Creative, Location by Something's Hiding in Here}

Monday, June 11, 2012

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Weekend Picture Book

I had the most lovely weekend at home in North Carolina. It's hard to coordinate a busy family of six (we normally span 4 different states!), but we all happened to be in the same place at the same time for once. We've been having lots of family dinners and family activities. I think my parents are loving every second of it :) 
When we used to go out to eat when I was younger we would all chuckle when the hostess called our name "Te Party of Six, your table is ready." Get it? Tea party? 
All five of us showed up to our neighborhood's tourney to cheer on my sister on Saturday. We grew up playing tennis just about every week of our lives, and she's carrying the torch. She's got a killer serve. 
The only time we had to split up was for a wedding on Saturday. I helped my mom put her hair up into a classic chignon and I think she just looked so beautiful in her outfit. It's a traditional filipino barong that's handpainted with flowers. Her late dear friend designed it! 
With the other half of the family out, my sister and I took full advantage and made a delish dinner at home. We busted open a crisp, light riesling and put together a salad of goat cheese, walnuts, and strawberries!
After dinner our friend and neighbor picked us up in his golf cart. He came with two bottles of wine on ice and to go cups. It was too cute, I think he has a crush on my sis ;) My crazy best friend who also happened to be home joined in. Nothing like a breezy summer night cruisin' around the neighb. It was the best and such a nice switch up from the city!
The wedding that was actually in my neighb had an ahhh-mazing fireworks show. (I had my reception there too!) We parked the cart to watch right as my mom called to ask us to pick up my brothers. Needless to say there was a mini detour before we scooped them up. Whoops! If you can't tell, they secretly wish the bff was part of the fam!
Hope y'all had a wonderful weekend too!! See you on Monday!

Friday, June 8, 2012

On My Nails

I'm usually a Clambake, 5th Ave, or Lollipop kinda gal, but this summer I'm going white! I've noticed the polish on stylish toes around the city and after getting a little too much sun on vaca (my mom jokes I'm so dark that she can't see me!) I'm totally loving the contrast against my skin! What's on your nails right now? 

Favorite White Nail Polish:

A Hint of Pink:
East Hampton Cottage ("beachy sand pink!")

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Wear // Where

Find a little of my Society Social over at Apartment 34! Thanks Tobe :)