Tuesday, April 30, 2013

"Tenth at Folly" by Teil Duncan

Thanks to Chassity's Instagram, I stumbled upon this beauty by Charleston-based artist Teil Duncan. Don't you love how social media works? I need, want, covet. Check out more of Teil's stunning work here. (The nudies are not to miss!)

Ikat Ball Cap

Tomboy chic by Wax and Cruz. I'm diggin' it. Yay or nay? Also, you may need this. "It is decisively fierce—the sort of slim little number you slip on when you have some serious stuff to tackle." I hope it comes by May 6th. Crucial biz is going down y'all.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Weekend Picture Book

I spent most of the weekend working (the next SS photo shoot is in a week!) but I did squeeze in a few brunch and dinner dates with my girls and my family. I have to eat anyways, right? After church yesterday, a day that was cold and rainy, I put on lounge-y clothes then made my signature eggs Benedict.
I've always gone traditional with the English muffin, but I've decided that from now on and always a flaky, buttery, fluffy croissant will be my Benedict base. (I know, genius.) Do you plate meals at home? We usually do family style, but every now and then I like to plate to make a meal feel a little more special. Nothing too fancy as you can see :) You should try it!
I bought up a load of fun props for the shoot I mentioned. It's always hard to control myself-- I want to keep everything. If I really let myself go, I'm positive I would end up on an episode of Hoarders but instead of cats or trash, I would have heaps and stacks of gorgeous vintage trinkets. Who doesn't need a brass pineapple mirror, mid-century highballs, animal figurines, and an outrageous amount of ginger jars? 
I stumbled upon a few instagrammed and tagged #societysocial. It makes me so happy to see my sofas, pillows, bar carts...in real homes. Shannon's Quinn!
And if you missed it, my girl Erika is graciously hosting a fun giveaway. A few Society Social items you might need to aid and abet your cocktailing revelries.

Hope y'all had a great weekend! See you this week!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

10 Things About My Brother (The Birthday Boy)

He loves donuts. A dozen at a time, but if he could have just one it would be strawberry-filled, no doubt.

He doesn't wear cologne, but he always smells like Kiehl's.

He used to be a fashion blogger (kinda :): here, here, and here.

He is getting married this summer, twice!! Don't worry, each time to the same sweet girl. I am so excited.

This is his favorite book and this is his photography blog.

We talk everyday, but he also excitedly and randomly sends me articles to read all the time; the last few were from here.

He makes killer playlists that his friends, including myself, have come to request. I am totally not cool enough to know to put RAC, Van She, Woody, Goldroom, Fallulah, Perseus, Gigamesh, Meiko, Bibio, Teen Daze...in one place. Who and who? Exactly.

He played soccer in college and was known for scoring goals...with his head, literally. Ole, ole, ole, ole!

He is such a good sport about doing all my SS photography. I couldn't do it without him :)

He is the best brother a big sis could ask for! Happy birthday, LT! Love you!

{Photo by Barrel Aged Films}

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Weekend Picture Book: A Southern Wedding

This past weekend Alan and I flew south for a good friend's wedding. The festivities were situated on the Neuse River in the Coastal Plains of North Carolina. In classic southern style, there was eastern bbq, fried pickles, sweet tea and lemonade, and cocktails served out of mason jars.
Alan was so excited to see his best college buddies, all of whom in this particular picture, we've participated in or watched get married and the cute couple's nuptials on the far right to come in 2014 :)
This month is going to be a little crazy, as I will be traveling for work for 3 weeks, so even though I had a long 5 hour drive on my way to drop Alan off to the airport, we decided to stop in historic downtown New Bern to sneak in a date. You gotta take it while you can, sisters!
We lunched at Captain Ratty's Seafood Restaurant on Middle Street-- Alan ordered the low country boil, I ordered the shrimp tacos, and we shared boiled shrimp, raw oysters, and cornbread muffins. mmm. After lunch we walked to the waterfront and decided one day we shall have one of these...
New Bern, North Carolina is the second oldest town in the state and the first state capital. This town rich in history offers up a glance into what Colonial America might have been like. President Washington stayed here...
We drove right by the famous Tryon Palace alongside so many beautiful homes, historic landmarks, and manicured gardens. 
I may have shed a little baby tear saying bye to Alan at the airport but was greeted with a homemade grilled dinner by Mom and sis and this little monster upon arriving. (he is saying, "I want steak.")
These next three weeks are going to be crazy with High Point Market and another Society Social photoshoot on the books (I'm kind of nervous!) but I will be checking in as much as possible. Hope y'all had a lovely weekend, darlings!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Sleepy Jones

"The perfect uniform for reading, writing, painting and pondering." Introducing Sleepy Jones, a debut line of underwear and pj's by Andy Spade, "whether you're in the bedroom or not." Who's ready to lounge around in undies? I'll take this and that then breakfast in bed followed by perhaps a bottle of champagne and a paintbrush :) Happy weekending, friends!

p.s. Now that is spot-on branding... the marketing nerd in me is freaking out. What do you think? Do you buy it?

Friday, April 19, 2013

The Bar Cart is Back

How perfect is this bar cart vignette? The textured grasscloth wallpaper, the hanging shell decor, the glowing gold bar cart and vintage barware that even Don Draper would approve-- the bar cart is back my friends. What are you drinking?

See more bar cart beautiful here! And if you would like :)

{Bridgehampton Beach House by Amy Lau Designs}

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Cocktail & Caftans-- Spring Fever in Swing!

Just in case you are wondering what the best way might be to welcome spring ;) See the entire look book HERE for all my tips, from decorating, to entertaining, to seasonal delights, and a spring colada recipe that is perfect for le printemps. Cheers!

p.s. Behind the scenes building the set if you missed it yesterday!

{Photography by Lawrence Te}

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Pineapple Crush / Photo Shoot Behind The Scenes

I'm having a minor obsession. I sent my amused (insert less than amused) sister to buy out a local grocery store. Can you imagine a shopping cart filled to the brim with spunky, spiky pineapples? I couldn't stop laughing.

We did something a little ridiculous with them at the Society Social studio-- stay tuned for a reveal and a chance to win one shiny brass pineapple. For now, here's a little behind the scenes set building from the SS HQ! 

Did I mention I desperately need a full-time intern? I promise it would be fun :)

Monday, April 15, 2013

Collecting Part II: Jane's Menagerie

Based on your comments from this morning, I'm not the only one who loves to decorate with charming little creatures: Tiffany loves her brass deer, Carlene & Stella display a brass crab, McKenna & Christine have an entire menagerie while Chloe would love tigers galore. I love that we're all on board!

Here's more animal kingdom inspiration, the lovely Upper East Side apartment of Jane Lilly Warren, if you're looking to collect your own zoo, too! 

The Elephant

The Cockatoos, two!
I count 8 friends here. What about you? 
Elephant number two and a lobster... tail ;)
The Poodle
The Lion
And sweet closet elephant, number 3.

{Matchbook Magazine March 2013, Photography by Courtney Apple...again:}

Collecting: An Animal Menagerie

The Poodle
The Brass Crab
The Fox
The Little Lion
The Pair of Brass Cranes
The Jaguar
Decorating with animal figurines can be silly, fun, and stylish. We have a small menagerie, a total of 6, in our little apartment that made their debut in HGTV, a few of them named: Queen Elizabeth the brass pig, Theodore the stained glass turtle...did you spot them?

A collected kingdom can add whimsy and personal flair to any space. Do you have a menagerie of your own? What are they? Do they have names? Introduce me!

Collect Your Own:
Society Social Vintage (new delivery coming soon!)

{Photography by Courtney Apple & Lawrence Te, Styling by myself and Styled Creative for Society Social}