Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday Style Refresher...

First up funny girl (because I'm also obsessed with The Office) Rashida Jones!
At this point you are probably aware that I've cultivated a surprising obsession with Theory classics and their Style Project! They've put a charitable twist on this fun little project where they invite celebrities to put together and style out their fave Theory must-haves! 10% of the proceeds from the sales of the pieces chosen will be donated to Peace First and Children Mending Hearts. Style with a cause! What a refreshing way to start a Friday!

Check out Rashida's looks below...
I think my fave is the last one on the right? What about you?
Cheers to Friday loves!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Poetry Month: Love After Love

{ via }

Love after Love

The time will come
when, with elation
you will greet yourself arriving
at your own door, in your own mirror
and each will smile at the other’s welcome,

and say, sit here. Eat.
You will love again the stranger who was your self.
Give wine. Give bread. Give back your heart
to itself, to the stranger who has loved you

all your life, whom you ignored
for another, who knows you by heart.
Take down the love letters from the bookshelf,

the photographs, the desperate notes,
peel your own image from the mirror.
Sit. Feast on your life.

~Derek Walcott

Isn't that beautiful? Sweet Lauren over at Life Lite sent this to me with a note saying that it reminded her of me and my little mission to become a better, happier me. She herself is on an admirable journey to make her life "lighter" and therefore making more room to fill it with all and many things good- something we could all take note of :)

Cheers darlings!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

It's still poetry month..Beat that beat up...

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Well, maybe not beating that beat Jersey Shore style,

but beats, yes.

Are song lyrics not POETRY set to music?

Isn't it amazing how a song...

...turns the most hopeless of MOODS around

...inspires a smile

...makes you wanna LOVE on someone special.

..marks a memory like it was just yesterday

...makes you SHAKE what your momma gave you even if it's ALONE. in your room. ;)

...or comforts you when you just need to know someone else has been there too?

That's poetry if you ask me!

Here are some current beats on my (all over the place, but mellow for sure!) paired with a few glasses of red...

Goodnight and Go - Imogen Heap (She writes her lyrics in the heat
of the moment, ask me about my pen and moleskine...)
Satellite Heart- Anya Marina (Calling all emo Twilight fans)
Electric Feel- MGMT (Whoever made this video was tripping...on acid. No doubt.)
It's Good to be in Love- Frou Frou (Their name won me over before I even heard the music.)
I need a Dollar- Aloe Blacc (Theme song to my new fave, How to make it in America)
Bette Davis Eyes- Kim Carnes (Love the 80's. Reminds me of the subway in NYC...a regular on my "Metro Mix")
Little Bit- Lykke Li and Drake remix (Sweeeeet beats. My brother who I call the music man sent this to me- if you need a refresher to your playlist- he's the one to call!!)
Shawty it's your Booty- Qwote (my gf, LC, performed a ridiculous dance to this over mango margs. Hilar.)
Look After You- The Fray (The piano? Violin, is it? I'm a hot mess over them)
Somewhere Only We Know- Keane (Again, the piano...i die.)
The Time Is Now- Moloko ("Let's make this moment last!" Must've been my Myspace header for still may be.)
Meet Me at the Equinox- Death Cab for Cutie (damn, another one goes to New Moon)
Eet- Regina Spektor (obvi, it's Regina)
I Feel It All- Feist (another fantastic suggestion by the music man)
Strawberry Swing- Coldplay (dancing barefoot on the grass with my girls on a hot summer night :)

What's your current playlist like darlings? Mellowed out? Hyped? Love songs? Sad songs?
I obviously got carried away so it's your turn- Do tell! I love it all.

Happy Place: Breakfast Blue

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So no pink involved, I love this blue all on its own! It's even inspired a visit to my Happy Place!

In my happy place, I imagine myself traipsing through the West Village on a delicious Spring morning- you know where the streets get all crazy and zig zaggy? The sun is sneaking through wherever it can, peaking through tree branches, slipping around buildings, and my little shih-tzu, George, (yes, I've named my future dog) is just as happy as I am to be outside on such a breezy, sunny morning. Brunch consists of eggs benedict, cafe au lait, and familiar, like an old cozy sweater in which you never hesitate to wrap up, company. The rest of the day is spent sprawling about in the park and perhaps a chilled white and cupcakes before it's time to call it a day :)

Where's your happy place today loves? Anyone want to join me?

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Reporting live...

So I have a mini confession to make loves, the past few days my posts have been scheduled as I did not want to leave you hanging, and I was not sure how long it would take me to make it back/recover from the city- and therefore these posts have not been very reflective of my current introspective state.

I found out here, that April is National poetry month (I can't believe I almost missed it!), and since ardent language and words arranged in beautiful unexpected melodies are so my Cup of Te, I thought I'd take the rest of the month to share some old faves and new discoveries.

Finding an old mantra extra comforting enough with my own words and on with the poetry! This one is by Mary Carolyn Davies...

Make ME too brave to lie or to be unkind,
Make me too understanding, too, to mind
The little hurts companions give, and friends,
The careless hurts that no one quite intends,
Make me too thoughtful to hurt others so,
Help me to know
The inmost hearts of those for whom I care,
Their secret wishes, all the loads they bear,
That I may add my courage to their own,
May I make lonely folks feel less alone,
And happy ones a little happier yet,
May I forget
What ought to be forgotten; and recall
Unfailing, all
That ought to be recalled, each kindly thing,
Forgetting what might sting,
To all upon my way,
Day after day,
Let me be joy, be hope. Let my life sing.

So Necessary: Signature Stationary

Since my desired stationary is not cheap, these old school envelopes paired with their matching stationary would have to be part of the My Cup of Te!


After months of casually searching,
(the best way if you ask me because fabulousness just can't be forced...)

By way OF, I think I've found my signature stationary!!!

I've made several empty promises of hand-written letters due to the lack of said stationary, and hope to do good on my WORD once I make up my mind- all the chic ("narrowed" down to 7) choices are killing me!

1 thing is clear, my monogram is a must...other than that I need your help!! Votes please??

The next two remind me of my sister friends, K and S!
Now all I need are some cool vintage stamps ;)

Monday, April 26, 2010

I am a Girl, I'm gonna capture the world!

I stumbled upon this delightful little music video, and thought it was perfect for some Monday motivation! These girls have smarts, fabulous fashion style, and are ready to take on the world! It's time to kick off another week loves- 1, 2, 3..GO!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

My Cup of Te: Makai Te

Isn't he strikingly handsome?!

After a whirlwind weekend in the city, when there were moments I was sure my life was scattered in pieces all over Manhattan, coming home to this little baby makes my heart very happy and calm. He's already stolen several kisses and snuggles, and even sandwiched himself in between my mom and I when I tried to give her a hug too...I get the picture- spending the rest of this Sunday playing outside with Makai :)
Hope you had a fabulous weekend darlings!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Book Envy

Hallelujah it's the weekend! What are your fabulous plans loves? Unfortunately, I have been slam packed busy every weekend since March (hello, wedding season!) and have not had time to sit down with a good read. This morning/weekend is no different- I am HERE!!!
I could not leave you hanging so I scheduled this little baby, and at best I can only hope that I am not waking up, as you read, with a nasty little headache...Lord knows reunions in the city make me too excited for my own good!

So because I have not been able to read (well duh, I'm able, slash that- due to lack of time), I will share the current unread books on my book envy list!
A Brooklyn based event designer who has a knack for turning the ordinary into extraordinary! I love planning, hosting, and throwing a good party, and I'm excited to even think about what he may inspire :)

I don't know much about this one except that my brother recommended that I read it after he noticed how much I like to connect to people!

I bonded with Eat, Pray, Love just as I was failing brilliantly at my first career choice. I was going through a complete re-evaluation of myself, life, and all things seemingly profound. E.G.'s wit, sincerity, and open-ness hit a cord with me so it's only natural that I want to read her follow up!

Reviews to offer loves? Have a fabulous weekend whatever you may be doing!

Friday, April 23, 2010

To my baby brother...

I have not always been the best big sister, case in point the photo above...

The outright shamelessness -was that really the only party hat in the birthday supplies stash?

The hell bent look on my face. AND the blatant disregard for the confusion and hurt in yours...

And if that wasn't enough!!!!

The ultimate. Most despicable smackdown to be had on the anniversary of one's birth.

I just had to do it. Your 1 and only candle blown out quicker (albeit with the assistance of our own mother) then you could shed a baby tear down your little baby cheek!!

And here I am again...

...writing about my. self. On YOUR BIRTHday.

Oh, brother!!!
I just wanted to tell you on your birfday...
I'm so proud of you for going on not only such a faraway adventure, but for making a difference in childrens' lives and having the strength to make it on your own! I wish I could be there to make a big to-do about your birthday, and this time-
without stealing the show. PINKY SWEAR.
25 candles for you and maybe one little pink one for me? Just kidding! ;)
Happy Birthday LT!!
Your big sis
p.s. I have not forgotten that your birthday is on the 24th. Due to the whack time change, I had to make appropriate accommodations.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Wanna hop in my suitcase?

Hi loves!!


I'm ridiculously excited per usual...

...that I will be romping around THE CITY this entire weekend!!!

I will bound with GREAT speed to my old haunts,

shriek with utter excitement when reunited with Besties,

And let's be serious- consume copious amounts of liquor, wine, and bubbly (sorry Mom) due to the CELEBRATORY note all these trips inevitably take on!!

A night early, but obviously due to uncontainable anticipation...

I blasted my La Vie Quotidienne playlist on Grooveshark, popped open a few Magic Hats, and played Dress Up!

Ensemble #1 Downtown
Clockwise from Left 1. Roll up those bf jeans ladies! 2. BDG by UO Destructed boyfriend jeans 3. Aldo white quilted chain strap purse and Nine West grey suede booties 4. Zara open drape front blazer, UO Racerback Ruffle grey tank, and Forever 21 Layered Chain necklace

Ensemble #2 Uptown (well, this can be argued considering my budget- Blair and Serena would not be impressed, but then again they do not have to pinch pennies!)
Clockwise from Left 1. LV classic monogram speedy and Tory Burch gold and wooden wedges 2. Forever 21 Print silk tank, Forever 21 Pearl, chain, and rosette necklace, and because I used to buy Juniors- Takeout Cropped Cardi 3. Banana Republic Gem cuff (The book, a fave, a must read!) 4. James Jeans- Ritchie Ankle Jean in Icon 5. Vintage gold and cream enamel earrings (Not pictured...sorry!)

Ensemble #3 What would you call this loves?
Boho chic? Or am I giving myself to much credit? Boho drab?

Clockwise from Left 1.Vintage Dior crossover bag/clutch and Steve Madden Latchh boots in camel 2. Forever 21 Chunky knit oversized kimono cardi, sheer crochet peplum tunic, and the loose knit berry scarf- a gift from a bestie 3. Crochet and chunky knit close-up! 4. Basic leggings

Do you approve darlings??
I hope my style hasn't escaped me these days... I spend an awful lot of time bummin' it in my Under Armour tights, tops, and Asics. Hope you enjoyed hopping in my bag for a bit! ;)

p.s. Sorry if there were a few fake-outs, I kept hitting publish post by accident! sheesh

Earth Day...represent!

Who knew eco-friendly and recycled could be so fashionable?

They say going green is so in right now (which mind you, is not the main reason to reduce your carbon footprint!!), and after perusing these Alex and Ani bangles- wouldn't you agree loves? :)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

High Point Highlights: The Color of the Year

And the color of the year goes too...

Interior photo via, Pantone Color swatch, shoes by Marni

When Pantone named 15-5519 the color of the year last Fall, I couldn't wait to see how this fun, vibrant color would infiltrate all industries from fashion to furniture!

A wholesale vendor, Global Views (showing at IHFC), made it a point to take note of this trend and introduced several fun accessories in trendy turq!

Acacia Home and Garden (go Mom and Dad!), also took note and were on trend introducing turquoise in their fabrics and as their newest finish for their W.I.N.O.S collection!

My mom dressed in and lounging on the color of the year!

W.I.N.O.S. stands for Women In Need of Sanity and was founded by fabulous Bonnie Jesseph who imagined sanity as diving into a big glass of wine at the end of the day- my kinda people! The licensed collection (can also be found at IHFC) includes indoor and outdoor pieces fashioned out of decay and moisture resistant, sustainable cypress wood! It takes very well to non-colors of the year too :)

High Point Highlights: Wood Wonderful

I do so love dining al fresco, but in the midst of allergy season, Donna Karan's woodsy tablescape is not too shabby of a substitute!

With the cover of this month's House Beautiful (not to mention wood glossary, wood history, wood wonderful rooms, wooden kitchen tools, and the featured above) still fresh on my mind...

and the woodsy turn that my sick obsession with shoes has taken...'s really no surprise that I was drawn to the au naturale during my latest walk through IHFC (no, nobody was running around naked, at least not in that building and not at 2pm in the afternoon).

The company,Palecek, initially caught my eye because of the sheer size of their showroom (it's massive!), but it wasn't long before I started picking out all the natural pieces scattered throughout their space. This company was founded by a man who was drawn to native, woven handicrafts during his stint in the Vietnam War, and Palecek boasts itself on not only innovative design, but on using natural, sustainable materials. Yay for going green!

Once again, since my parents are exhibitors, and I could not finagle a press pass, I had to resort to finding pictures around the web, and thus they are neither the latest nor the most stylish, but at least you get the idea of a possible trend! **My faves are the twig and branch lamps!
On a budget? Palecek is actually currently featured on!

Note: I really wanted to feature Artesia as I loved their showroom, but I could not find any pictures that did them justice!

I realize I'm setting myself up for a dirty joke, but I have to ask- How do you like your wood lovies? (stay with me) Restored? Reclaimed? Washed? White? Tinted?

I much prefer mine distressed to give it a familiar, antique feel and then of course stylishly mix matched with different medias!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

So Necessary: Jill Rosenwald

Sorry to bust out a zoe-ism, but...

I die.

These ceramic exeter link vases by Jill Rosenwald are so FABBBBBB-ulous! When I stumbled upon them in one of my fave glossies, my eyes literally thanked me for staring at something so aesthetically pleasing!

Touted as peony vases (oh how lovely would that be?!), utensil holders, and even a bowl for sweet treats such as the ice cream I'm craving now (Ciao Bella anyone?) these ceramic creations would be perfect for anything I can possibly imagine! What would you use them for darlings?

Monday, April 19, 2010

You love me! You really love me!

Okay, well love might be a strong word, BUT I'm just as flattered and thrilled for the nod given to me by two fabulous blogs! I apologize for the amount of time it has taken me to respond as I have been on the road, here and here- it by no means reflects my gratitude and excitement !!!

As part of my acceptance speech, I am required to share 7 interesting things about myself and then name 7 blogs to whom I would like to pass on the award!

First up! In keeping with my blog's mission, I will share 7 things that not only tell you a little about who I am, but that are also My Cup of Te :)

1) Joy. To be joyful.
After sticking it to the man and leaving a job that held me accountable for a $35 million dollar area (my head hurts even thinking about it), I have found myself full of joy each morning I wake. Some have dared to quip that I too, as Tenley from the latest season of the Bachelor, dream in cartoons.

2) NYC
I finished my college education at The New School- Parsons and have since festered a raging love affair with all things NY. In the 3 years I have been away, I have managed to visit 15 or so times, reminiscing in all my old haunts and always managing to find a new love. I dream of moving back despite the inevitable dip in the standard of living I will have to endure.

3) Helping each other along the way
I truly believe in giving back! One of my greatest achievements (check that off the bucket list!) was running the San Diego Rock 'n' Roll Marathon for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society through Team in Training. I cried the last two miles (Have you ever felt the bones crunch in your feet?), but it was more than worth it for a good cause! Currently, I volunteer for Habitat for Humanity managing social networking for the local ReStore!

4) Pearls
I love them. 9 out of 10 days you will find my ears adorned with simple pearl studs from my native land- the Philippines!

5) Belly Laughs and Twirls
My bcf (best cousin friend!) and I twirling in the streets of Manhattan

Remember my initial In My Cup of Te posting? Well, personally belly laughs and twirls go best hand in hand. After a good belly laugh and a twirl or two (not restricted to the dance floor, in fact it's even better if it's in the street!), I feel that all is right in the world! You know you've gotten a good one out of me when my nose crinkles, apparently this is what I've been told happens when my heart is about to burst with joy!

6) Big dreams
"Within your heart keep one still, secret spot where dreams may go, and sheltered so, may thrive and grow-- where doubt and fear are not. Oh, keep a place within your heart, for little dreams to go." ~Louise Driscoll

During my time off to re-group, re-energize, and re-discover what I love about life, I've dreamt of everything from becoming a designer of sorts to polishing up on my acting skills (an obvious joke, but something the girls and I would resort to when we were delirious at work ;), and now #1,005, 879 on the list of what I want to be when I grow up- a writer/editor, or at this point I will even take being the coffee run girl, for a glamorous glossy!

7) Vintage lover
Give me the days when women wore hats and head scarves, donned driving gloves, and dressed as glamorously as Edie Sedgwick or Julianne Moore (in A Single Man) even if it was only to lounge on a fabulous chaise. Yes, sometimes I long for eras past and fill this desire on treasure hunts in thrift stores and flea markets!

Next up, I must pass the beautiful blogger torch onto 7 deserving bloggers! I have chosen each one for different reasons, but all of which call for admiration and imitation in the sincerest form!

Heart Charlie for her effortless, downtown style and inspiring outfits
Kristin of Summers in Paris for her good, slash that- great eye for all things fabulously fashionable
Sarah of The Blonde Giraffe for following her heart no matter what
Lindsey of Fifi Cheek for inspiring great style from fashion to interiors and all things in between
Jodi of Passport in my Pocket for her adventurous spirit and acting upon her wanderlust
Katie of the Neo-traditionalist for sharing stories about creative women who are trying to make a name for themselves- go girls!
Adrienne of Adrienneats for sharing delicious recipes coupled with mouth-watering original photography that inspire me to eat my veggies

A final thanks goes out to the sweet darlings who gave me this shout out-
Mackenzie of Design Darling who is currently romping around Europe and being so gracious as to share her adventures allowing for those like me to live vicariously! She's also learning to speak French, and if you know me, you know my obsession for toutes les choses francaises!
And In Sniff's Choos, who I'm hoping has made it back safely, despite the volcanic ash, from her fabulous trip to the Apple! She has a major obsession with shoes, which we can all relate to and has a strength that can only come from surviving breast cancer!
Cheers to you both!! :)

Open Hearts takes it Outdoors...

So the past couple days at the HP furniture market have been quite eventful...

1) My friend T.Z. whose boyish good looks may be at fault for both of the following: Being A (yes, capital)-ttacked by a cougar with so-called "big hands" and snagging the very first order of market!

2) My mother, for no good reason, was berated by a rude pillows vendor who in turn was even more severely berated by my father- if you like your personal space, you do not wanna mess with Daddy Te...take it from me.

3) I was tracked down by a hired messenger with a business card from a "secret admirer"...what is this 6th grade? Nonetheless, compliments are always welcome and what girl doesn't appreciate one every now and then?

4) An undercover sales rep posed as a buyer and hi-jacked the free catered lunch from the showroom before his cover was blown...

5) Pops seemed to have hit it off with James Keach

6) A potential connection was so generously offered that may speed up my latest mission: Return to the Apple ASAP!

7) and the most exciting-- drum roll please!
Hollywood, Dr. Quinn, paid a visit to my parents' showroom.

Isn't my dad just presh?! He's so freakin' excited!

Jane Seymour and her peeps collaborated with my parents and their peeps to bring a new look to outdoor furniture! The line officially launched this market- Think English garden and an interpretation of "open hearts" in several details such as chair backs!

I feel like a proud parent because I've witnessed how hard mom and pops have worked to keep their 5th child alive, and as well as possible in these hard economic times. They built their 20 year old business from the ground up with help from many people along the way, and my fingers are crossed that all this hard work will come to fruition!

I don't especially like playing the part of star-struck so this photo opp. was slightly embarrassing due to the overwhelming, but cute I must say, excitement of my parents.

For more check out this article in Casual Living!
Will share more about the actual line itself when I get my hands on the press release and the official photography...

Catherine in Chains

So after sporting layered chains,

(no, not to the tune of ..."Do your chain hang low"...I'd like to think I'm a bit classier)

around IHFC the past couple of days...

I'm ready to willingly and in fact eagerly,


to be chained up once handcuffs involved

Actually in a stylish fashion, and only if it's by...

Catherine Malandrino {period}

Her jewelry line meshes baubles, raw cut stones, and sparkly eye catchers with chains galore! So boho and so chic, yes please.

If you have to be chained to your desk on a Monday, wouldn't you want it to be by Catherine too? Hope you had a fabulous weekend lovies!

p.s. More to report from the furniture market soon :)