Monday, January 31, 2011

Kisses from...

My train!
My street!
My run!
My grocery store!

...the city! I'm currently checked out and traveling for business (and of course a little fun ;) so I'm leaving you with some pics I snapped from my old neighb around South Street Seaport. You know I hate to leave you hanging so during my absence I've lined up a fantastic guest post or two by oh-so-gracious and fabulous friends who have agreed to help me out while I'm gone! I promise I'll be back to reading and visiting soon, but for now cheers to a new week and new friends!

p.s. Stay tuned, darlings! Tonight I have a date with a certain darling blogger, and we promise to fill you in on all our adventures!!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Friday, January 28, 2011

10 Things To Do This Weekend

1. Make like me, pack up your skis, and head for the mountains with your besties! 2. Step up your coaster steeze and chin-chin with IOMOI.

3. Soak up every bit of the most mahh-velous and sparkly new Matchbook Mag 4. Put on your dancin' shoes ;)

5. Ride your bike, if you're not experiencing arctic tundra temps! 6. Pucker your pout in a criminal red and since Marilyn says it's better to be ridiculous rather than boring, draw on a beauty mark and pretend it's always been there.

7. Get Fashionably Bombed, but of course keep it classy.

8. Keep Calm, but not too calm, and kiss 'til you can't or other things ;) 9. Get romantic in a floral frock

10. And just in case you missed the whole point of my blog, live sparkly and pop it, sisters!

p.s. Need 10 more things to do this weekend like drinking champers out of stripey straws? Click here :)

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Fancy a Fete with the Good Sisters?

Sisters Flannery and Katherine Good love to welcome a new cocktail with a round of dress up! Do you have the case of "I'll have whatever she's having" yet? I do!

Are you up for a bit of social cocktailing? Well lovers, hold the toast, because I'd like to introduce to you the mahh-velous mixology mavens- the Fashionably Bombed Girls! They are brimming (literally!) with high proof panache that will make you go running straight for your bar cart.  Because of our shared love of living sparkly...

spark·ly adj. spark·li·er, spark·li·est
a. Giving off tiny flashes of light; glittery: a dress with sparkly sequins.
b. Lively; vivacious: a sparkly personality!

...we are teaming up to bring you a "Fancy a Fête?" with sprinkles, swizzle sticks, schnapps, and more!

1. The original Cupcake Champagne Cocktail by Fashionably Bombed. Recipe here!

2. Glass balloon conversation starters 3. Dabney Lee Lucite Serving Tray 4. Bottoms up! 5. Champange Swizzle Sticks

6. Golden Gown 7. Light the candles in fashion! 8. Bejeweled clutch 9. Sit! Stay Awhile!

Looking to get creative with your cocktailing revelries? Dash on over to their fun (the type that should come with a warning label) blog as the sisters share original recipes inspired by everyone from the Jersey Shore to Frida Kahlo!

Fancy a Fête? See the rest of the series here.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sophisticated Fun

Aren't these canvas printed pillows the epitome of sophisticated fun? Not sure whether I want to don my riding boots, take Muffie for a leisurely promenade, go on a safari, or cocktail it with caftan-clad Lady Z!

Taken a fancy? To see more, click here.

Matchbook Mag

A day with Mr. Boddington!

My darlings! Have you seen it? The newest and most charming online publication, Matchbook Mag, launched last night and is brimming with whimsy and delight! From letterpress to Lela Rose and Peru to puttanesca, this field guide to a charmed life will have you curled up with your ipad and a cup of tea in no time.

Bravo Katie, Jane, and Fallon!

Bar Carts vs Beer Bongs

His response to an observation regarding his tidiness, "Anything for cashmere!"
A bar cart over a beer bong and living potted plants?
Actual art instead of cheesy posters and real light fixtures over black lights and lava lamps!

I hear honesty is a virtue, but it's really one I don't want to have in light of Maximilian Sinsteden's (shall we bow or something?) jaw. dropping. dorm. room. Yes, dorm room.  If it weren't for Facebook and the found photo evidence of my prized hot pink twinkle lights and pop art-ish bedspread, I would totally pull Ralph Lauren's tapestry green (the delicious paint on his walls) over your eyes and tell you I was just as cool. Maximilian not only knows what he wants at such a stunning young age, but he's got classy sophisticate basically tattooed (as if ever!) to his forehead.  Did you know a Maximilian in college? Or were the boys more along the lines of Van Wilder?

{Discovered via A Cup of Jo and Molly}

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Thou Shalt Covet

Was there a "not" in there somewhere? Well, as far as I'm concerened, I can only come from a place of "yes" when perusing the latest in fabulous fashion blogs- The Coveted. The closet shots from above hail from the positively to-die-for pads of editors from W, Teen Vogue, and Harper's. Basically all the mags any girl would give one of her most "coveted" to work for. As Refinery 29 puts it, it's like "the Selby for closets."

No Scope Seoul Style Files

Remember my brother the American Expat? Well it's been super cold on the streets of Seoul lately, as in single digits, so he's been snapping photos (no-scoping to be exact, he is the master) of unsuspecting subjects and their winter shoe steez. I made the mistake of wearing my Tory flats yesterday and my little toes almost froze off! I really needed booties like the ones in the second shot on the far left. Yes, please. Either that or a hot toddy ;) How do you keep warm out and about the city?

Monday, January 24, 2011

Schiap and Stripes

Meet my new blazer and go-to NARS. Do you have a latest I need to know about?

And because...

...who, too, rocks the Schiap and has also never met a stripe she didn't like, you are now viewing a gratuitous, shamelessly cropped and edited (hello, myspace) photo of my favorite pop of pink.

Have you met Heart Charlie? You should introduce yourself if you haven't! She's one of those rare style bloggers who is un-phased by the trend du jour. This quote by Karl reminds me of her, "Style is an expression of individualism mixed with charisma. Fashion is something that comes after style."

Rodney Smith

One thing about blogging is that you not only get to meet so many inspiring people, but you also discover a lot about yourself! This post proves either one of two things: 1. I'm a horrible editor (Are 10 pictures really ness to get my point across?) or 2. I really really really love Rodney Smith's work THAT much. Considering the past three weeks- Tim, Cade, and now Rodney? Seems my cup of te(a) is reveling in the whimsical and fantastical! What about you, darlings? Do you fancy a daydream?

To see more of Rodney's work on My Cup of Te, click here and here. To see Rodney's portfolio, click here. p.s. Do sign up for his email subscriptions- they don't come that often, ahem, shopbop, bluefly, refinery- and they keep you in the loop with this ahh-maze photographer!