Monday, March 28, 2011

Can we talk about it?

My darlings! Can we talk about it? I've been quite delinquent in keeping up- the laundry is in loads on the floor, my nails are frightening and are begging for a mani, let's not even talk about my eyebrows (ah! Frida Kahlo is that you??), but most importantly I've been struggling to keep up with you! I'm more frazzled than usual between trying to get the new business up to speed so I can at least share with you and getting ready for the High Point Market (have you ever tried to decorate a 5,000 square foot space in one day?!) that I've had a terrible time being a good blogging buddy. :( On top of that I will be gone most of April on a business trip overseas to oversee my new product production!!! EEEK! Cross your fingers!

In light of this craziness, I've been meaning to ask for your patience? Although I may not have time to respond, I read your every comment with a much needed smile. I promise I'll be back in full force very soon :) Until then, I immensely thank you for all the support- from giving your tips for kicking insomnia to helping me make lip lush decisions. I owe y'all super big time :)

I love NY & Ice Cream

I kinda fell in love with these photos by photographer Bonnie Tsang. It may be the blushing bride in that drop dead gown, or most likely that it's a New York City wedding (who wouldn't kill for one of those!) but I'd by lying if I didn't admit that I think the rented ice cream truck is a brilliant idea . What a fun touch, right?! Happy Monday loves!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Friday, March 25, 2011

Hooray!! It's Friday!

I don't know about you, but Fridays always make me giddy with fresh excitement. In the springtime, Fridays mean I'm on the brink of carefree bike rides and leisurely brunches al fresco! The normal commute to work feels more like I'm nearing the finish line and just catching a glimpse of that glorious ending ribbon marker. I kinda just want to throw my hands up in the in air and yell Hip Hip Hooray! It's Friday! Now pass the champers :)

{Party Pom Pom DIY via Honestly WTF}

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Today's Mantra

Take it from the girl who moved away from the city who held and holds her heart and who had a million teary episodes about the town that really was. There is absolutely NO USE in wishing for what is not. For dreaming of the what if's and what could be's, despite the promise of the manufactured perfect, will only lead to the opposite of savoring the moment. This is the moment you should live in, engage yourself, and make the mundane magnificent. And you know the best thing about this? Do all three and you won't even have to try to be beautiful. You will radiate it.

{Spotted at Rue |  Learn more at Groundwork}

To My Daddy

Sweet, right? You should've seen my teary refusal to make right on the investment of months of scuba diving certification. No worries. He pushed me in while I wasn't looking. Hey, sometimes a sense of adventure is only found when forced!

For always holding my hand. Whether on my wedding day, or in chilly depths where I was sure I'd get chomped to pieces by Jaws, and to now in every step of the way as I start to discover just how business savvy I might be able to be :) Happy Birthday! I love love love you to pieces =D

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What's in yours?

Do you think he talks the talk?

I wonder if she's been scarred by Jaws for life like me?

The perfectly put together exec on the go? Perhaps a town car as her choice of transportation?

People are damn curious. It's just our nature and also the reason Mark Zuckerburg is rollling in the dough. Wouldn't it be fun if he made it rain with his billions while we ran around poppin' bottles of bubbly? Just sayin'. :) Anyways, because I'm one of those infinitely curious creatures I found these "what's in your purse" type photos by photographer Jason Travis so fun to peruse. I really enjoy direct Q and A's, and err good ol' FB, but I think alternative ways of learning about people are decidely more intriguing. Don't you? What do you carry around with you everyday?

{Spotted at Gabriella | Work by Jason}

Things I Need In My Life

Symmetry. It makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. Is that weird?
Images from the home of Chicago blogger Bailey McCarthy in Rue

An air of whimsy and a sense of humor. If you have one or the other, we'll get along. But if you have both, watch out, I'll make sure of it that we become friends.

A walk-in closet? Okay, okay. I don't need this per se, but wouldn't you classify the word need as relative to the personal importance of the subject to the needer in question?

Aside from the fantastically fabulous Rue Issue #4 where I snatched up all these lovelies, what else do you need in your life?

p.s. I'm guest posting for the sweet Deanna at Mellow Fever today. She's in Puerto Rico (we shouldn't be jealous which I'm mostly saying to myself) so I stopped by to say hello to her readers!


I'm not talking about Kate's tush, although I daresay it's pretty fabulous too, it's really her ballerina top buns that I keep envisioning myself sporting with effortless grace. It always starts like this- I envision the valiant attempt (hold the dramatics?) than I subsequently envision the inevitable. The inevitable being a lopsided, far too princess lea hello it's not halloween, disaster sitting atop than slowly sliding off the side of my head! Ha! Do you feel the same way about buns? I desperately want to try, but it's far too easy to reach for the familiar especially when it's become somewhat of my signature that I can assemble quicker than I can even say the word "bun."

Monday, March 21, 2011

Crazy style or just plain cray cray?

I can honestly say that I think Vogue fashion assistant, Cynthia Smith, has crazy cool style. I mean can you seriously think of one person you actually know who can pull off socks with Louboutins while achieving that all elusive je ne sais quoi? As for me, I would have to be honest with myself and resign to the fact that I would look just plain cray cray. I would get those "do you own a full length mirror" looks.



Nothing says classic quite like a basic white oxford. I truly believe everyone, male or female, should have at least one in their closet! A white oxford can go from barefoot on the beach (Jackie does it best) to dressed up, perhaps collar popped, tucked into a fabulous skirt, and paired with statement jewelry. Today my favorite white oxford is tied at the waist, instead of buttoned, atop my rolled, destructed boyfriend jeans. I added some chain link and friendship bracelet flair and a red heel for a little pep in my step. What would you do with your oxford?

p.s. Don't you adore Mark Shaw's work? To see more from this legendary photographer, click here.

Weekend Picture Book

Do you sometimes find attempting to capture every moment on the cam sometimes prevents you from having a moment in the first place? This past weekend was filled with such capture worthy moments and was perfect beyond best friends can ever make it so I leave you with only a few from our bachelorette revelries. Besides you really don't need to see us in green face masks and our bosses really don't need to know in full disclosure what goes on after a martini or four :) Anyways, "Dirty, dirty April 30" here we come! Congrats Leah, we love you!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Spring "Satchel"

Ticking Stripe, Floral, Color Block, Classic @ ASOS

"Satchel." What a fun word, don't you think? I feel like satchel is to bag like cellular is to cell. It just sounds more official, but for some reason makes you chuckle a bit. I mean, seriously.  When was the last time you told someone that you like their satchel or that you'll call them on their cellular? Am I right?! Aside from my pointless ramblings, I'm kinda digging the "satchel" over at ASOS. The stripe is obviously just my cup of te(a), but I'd love to make a statement with a pop of bold color or go flirty with a floral. What about you, darlings? Which satchel (ha!) is it for you?

Breakfast of Champions

I didn't have a pear on hand and chose to use coconut milk instead of almond- sweet success fresh out of my trusty magic bullet!

I haven't posted about food in quite sometime, but after making this fantastically green smoothie I just had to share! It's jam packed with one full cup (each!) of superfoods kale and spinach and tastes like nothing more than a sweet, delectable banana smoothie. After downing this greener than green concoction, I feel kinda like superwoman :)

All I need now is a tiara!

For the recipe, hop on over to Taylor's fabulous blog, Sterling Style!

{Images My own & Catching Fireflies}

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Jewelry for Japan

$30 of the proceeds from the sales of this necklace by Ken + Dana will be donated to the Red Cross. Read for the meaning of the inscription.

Although many of us in my little part of the world have not been directly affected by the devastation in Japan, I'm certain that the images, the news, and the stories of people just like you and me have been equally overwhelming and utterly heartbreaking.  It's times like these, albeit senseless and tragic, that we have a chance to unite. It's a time to appeal to the broader concerns of humanity- to help in a time of need, to extend a part of yourself whether it is time, money, or even just prayers. It's times like these when we do not think for a second about our individual differences, but we undoubtedly know at our core that we are all inherently the same.

This necklace by Ken + Dana Designs is a testament to the inner, most important similarities of mankind, our similarities. It features the identifier for the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965, the Public Law (PUB.L.) that abolished the national-origin quotas that had been in place in the United States since the Immigration Act of 1924. With the purchase of this necklace, you will not only be honoring a sense of unity, but you will also be donating $30 to the Red Cross relief efforts in Japan.

To see more products to buy in support of the Japan Disaster Relief, see Refinery 29.

Sneak Peek...I Covered It In Stripes

Debuting this upcoming High Point Furniture Market, Mom and Dad's outdoor furniture striped out :) Do you love?
"Accessorize with Flair" Lonny March/April Issue 2011 p.54
Kelley Moore's office in Rue
"Eclectic Ingenuity" Lonny March/April 2011 Issue p. 136

I'm sure you've all seen the recent striped pages of the latest, most fabulous Rue and Lonny, but have you seen my latest striped project? The mom 'n' pops have let me help merchandise their product and showroom at the High Point Furniture Market since I was in my teens, and this time around Mom and I just couldn't resist throwing in a little striped sass. I could totally see myself lounging on their piece in my hot pink cut-out monokini of course donning huge sunnies and my oversized yellow hat sipping a minty, fresh mojito. Would you join me?

p.s. If you're going to be in High Point this April and want to drop by the showroom, email me for more deats! I'd love to see you :)

Monday, March 14, 2011

Friendship Found

Remember my latest obsession? I literally shrieked with delight when I spotted, not one, but two friendship bracelets at Paris Fashion Week. Do you wanna know what made my day 100 times over and caused another shrill shriek? When upon my arrival from quite a meh day, I was greeted by a lovely package. I hurriedly ripped open the anonymous package (think small child on Christmas morn') to find a darling handwritten note and three bright and cheery friendship bracelets!

Thanks to Sami from A Glimpse of Glamour for more than making my day! You. are. awesome. Never underestimate an act of kindness y'all :)

p.s. Don't you love when your brain is so fried that you leave a major grammatical error up on the blog for two days? I really just wanted to prove to y'all how good of a time I had over the weekend. Did you catch it? It's still up if you'd like a good laugh. 


Sunday, March 13, 2011