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The Cocktail Cart Cache

Atlanta Home & Lifestyles
Inside interior designer Lindsey Harper's colorful Manhattan apartment

My darlings! Is it ever too early for a stiff cocktail? We didn't think so ;) My baby business launching this summer, Society Social, will feature dizzying bar carts galore with looks from glam faux bamboo to Hermes orange! In preparation and sheer excitement we've started to curate a visually brilliant collection of cocktail cart wonders dubbed The Cocktail Cart Cache that will surely prompt a boisterous cheers whether it's before noon or not! We'd be thrilled if you "like" ;) Click here to see!

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Passport Pretty

While at design school in NYC, I made endless inspiration collages and amassed piles and piles of magazine tears. Although most never made it out of 10B alive, several made it to my picture frame collage. These bright, cheery passport covers by Smythson of Bond Street reminded me of one of my most fave tears that still hangs above my sofa today! How do you travel lovies?

p.s. Isn't this sling bag in their Nancy collection so ness?

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Millinery Marvelous

I can't help it. 1) It's Audrey Hepburn. 2) The Kentucky Derby ANNND the Royal Wedding occupy the next two weekends. Holy Millinery Marvelous!

Wanna see more? I thought so? ;)

{via Breakfast at Tiffany's}

Happy Hour

Having just painted my nails Essie's Lilacism, a spring shade through and through, I can't seem to get the idea of a delicious spring breeze (remember I like to use the word "delicious" as an adjective for things other than food?) out of my head. I can almost smell it- peonies, soft citrus, but most of all lavender! This sparkly wonder by Martha Stewart simply dubbed Lavender Champagne is sure to send you off on a delightful daydream to the fields of Provence or to a cheery meadow scattered with unruly wildflowers! Cheers :)

For the recipe, see Society Social's Vault of Tasty Tipples!

{Via Martha Stewart}

"Brownstone Bravura"

I'm not sure if it's the effortless pattern and print plays or energizing greens smattered throughout this Brooklyn row house that really hit the spot for me. Perhaps it's the brownstone to which I've always aspired or perhaps it's the exotic Far East touches juxtaposed with perfectly classic architecture? Its quite possible it's all of the above that makes my heart pitter patter and my knees go weak. All I know is...John Loecke, I heart you.

{Domino "Piling on the Patterns" via John Loecke Design}

Tea Parties & Pretty Polish

No. 6 is just my cup of te(a), but I do love a union jack! Which one do you fancy?

Borrowed and Blue, please! So dreamy!

With the royal wedding just days away, I have all kinds of things on my mind (aren't you caught up too? ;) from dainty tea parties to pretty polishes. Lonny put together a darling edit of teapots and Essie introduced their new bridal collection, and I can't help but to pretend my invite is on its way!

What's for Breakfast?

Stuffed breakfast tomatoes! Genius, no? When you love tomatoes as much as I do and we're on the brink of summer's best, these pictures could very well send all kinds of fanciful rouge-tinted delights dancing through your head! I can't wait to go to the Farmer's market! What are you having or wishing you were having for breakfast?

{Pip & Ebby via BKFST}

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Happy Hour: The Belvedere Sparkle

Have you ever seen anything so beautiful with a deliciously tempting name to match? To top it off, Moet & Chandon plays a part in the fun! For the recipe see Society Social's Vault of Tasty Tipples!

{via Marie Claire}

Princesses in Waiting

And did I mention devastatingly handsome in the mischievious kind of way? ;)

Did this really deserve its own post? I think it did.

{via All Posters}

Ear Candy

Don't let me fool you as I must confess that on the daily I'm a pearl kinda girl, but I also take great pride in seeking out unique pieces. You know the ones that almost stand up and shout, "Hello! Let's play!" or "It's your lucky day!" It's these accessories that really "speak" to me that I often find end up being my jewelry box faves. Besides, who doesn't love a little playful, a little unexpected?

{Fireworks | Brilliant Blues}

Destination Daydream

I realize I just returned from a globe trottin' trip so there is absolutely no reason to yearn for a far off daydream, but my everpresent case of wanderlust only seems to grow with each walkabout the world. It's as if my mind has already taken off before my feet can hit the ground I call home! Call me insatiable or whatever you please, I'd like to think I have a great sense of adventure :) On that note who wants to check into hotel Wanderlust in Singapore or trot off to Morocco?

{via DesignTripper}

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Reminds me of Society Social on FB: "Cunning business sense is just as important as being kind."


Monday, April 25, 2011

What's For dinner?

Eating in season is so dee-licious and there's nothing fresher than Spring greens! This recipe on 101 Cookbooks showcases many of my printemps faves- asparagus, pea shoots, broccoli, avocado, and fresh herbs.  I'm not too keen on pasta (strange, I know!) but with this super serving of greens, I think this recipe is next up on the dinner plate. What are some of your seasonal faves?  

{101 Cookbooks}

Scalamandre in Seoul

Scalamandre's zebra wallpaper photoshopped in fresh color combos by Villa Bisono. Love the pink!

The glamorous and most blogged about zebra wallpaper by Scalamandre has graced Kelly Wearstler's umbrella turned parasol to the walls of the uber-stylish Spade home. It's coveted, if not owned, by almost all with a discerning eye so when I spotted it on table after table of street vendors in Seoul's Myeong-dong shopping district in the form of scarves, I couldn't help but to grab for the zebra! It was seriously everywhere! Would you wear one around your neck?

Millinery Marvelous

YSL circa 1962

With the Kentucky Derby and the Royal Wedding slated for back to back weekends, I can't imagine that hats will have a brighter spotlight than now. For me when choosing hats, I like to stick to this Marilyn Monroe quote that has also inspired my new baby business Society Social, "It's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring!" Don't you agree? ;) My millinery marvelous wish list begins and ends with Royal family favorites Philip Treacy and Vivien Sheriff

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What's for Breakfast?

Yesterday I spent the better part of Easter at the airport. What is always a day of communal celebration and leisurely brunches was spent avoiding stale airplane food (seafood surprise over rice? Vom.) and savoring what I could of a soggy salad. Honestly I was ready to pass up my all-time favorite eggs Benedict for some good ol' cereal. What are you having for breakfast this morning? Happy Monday lovies!


Sunday, April 24, 2011

Monogram Maven

I love a good monogram, but I truly believe there's a fine line between stuffy, (think Pottery Barn, ewww)  fabulously classic, and ultimately fabulous. My friend Melanie over at The Iconic Blog recently launched her new business, Luxury Monograms, and totally breathes new life into the timeless monogram. See for yourself!

Spring in a Bottle

L to R, Top to Bottom: Neat, Whisper, Highland Fling, Caleigh, Morning Glory Fizz, Leprechaun Lynch

Fresh flowers, jaunts to the farmers market, bike rides, and the shedding off of winter's cumbersome layers make me adore Spring despite my constant need for loads and loads of antihistamines. This time of the year also always brings for me a sense of renewal that has me craving for airy, refreshing hues from pretty flowers to perfectly pretty polish! I think I'm a Morning Glory Fizz kinda girl. (Wouldn't that make for a smashing cocktail?) What about you?

p.s. The Scotch Naturals line is water-based, non-toxic polish, and so pretty it hurts! How's that for refreshing?

Thursday, April 7, 2011

My Big News! Finally!

I'm finally doing something I truly believe in and even enjoy. I feel so blessed (maybe I should wait for my first order? haha) and I'm over the moon excited to be over with this half sharing nonsense!!! (I had to at least wait until the logo came out ;) 1, 2, 3....

1. Wanna come to Asia with me on a product development adventure? I won't be checking in here, but I'll be posting daily pics here of my ups and downs and all my "firsts" at the manufacturing facility! It's really such a delight to share with you all so if you want let's be buddies! 
2. So that didn't really tell you anything did it? Here's where you can find more information about the biz including mission, overview, product and all the 411. I would be so happy if you "like" it!
3.There will be a magazine too? Yep, but more like a mini version. It's called the Society Social Manifesto Magazine. Many brands tell you who they are, but how many actually show you? Think of it as visual manifesto or like the difference between me telling you that I love champagne and actually drinking it. We thought you'd understand ;) To learn more just sign up!

So what do you think lovies? I'd love love love your feedback! Do you see a cocktail cart in your future? I sure do hope so as I've been furiously designing away with you in mind!

I'm currently making last minute preps for the big trip so I must say au revoir until May. But then again, you know where to find me ;)

Ask and You shall Receive

I've had several inquiries about my "face" (don't be fooled as I shamelessly edit and crop the hell out of my pics ;) so I thought I'd do a quick post on my essentials! Warning: You are about to realize how terribly vain I am. Please promise to still be my friend.

Top to Bottom: 1. Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser 2. Philosophy Hope in Jar and Bobbi Brown Hydrating Eye Cream 3. Philosophy Turbo Booster C Powder 4. Philosophy Microdelivery Peel 5. Body Shop Tea Tree Face Mask

I also use Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer, and it's the perfect lightweight coverage while providing spf 20! Phew, high maintenance or what?! What are your beauty secrets? I'm quite the junky so do share ;)

What's your Spring scent?

Burberry Brit Sheer is spring in a bottle! Without the allergens ;)

Do you switch up your scents with the seasons? I have several go-to's depending on my moods, but my all time springtime fave, Burberry Brit Sheer, is truly fresh, fruity, and floral like a delicious spring breeze should be! It's accented by the following: Bright Yuzu, Pineapple Leaves, Litchi, Mandarin, Grapes, Pink Peony, Peach Blossom, Nashi, White Musk and Creamy Amyris Woods.  Dreamy, right?

Also according to Sephora, it's seductive, hypnotic, and wait for it....SPARKLING! Just my cup of te(a)!

Magazine Motivation

Sara Tuttle invites us into to her home. I adore her eclectic style!
So many helpful tips from "closet organizer to the stars" Melanie Fascitelli. If only one of these were mine!
Featured interiors by a fave Mary McGee

Let's be honest, life isn't always perfectly styled. Often my mail is piled up on my pretty desk and it's quite the norm to trip on a pump or two while trying to get into my closet. Perhaps this is why I love magazines so? All the perfectly pretty vignettes make me smile and think maybe one day, one day. :) For now, I'll settle for a long overdue visit to my hair stylist and a mani/pedi!

To see more, check out the latest High Gloss. It's packed full of drool-worthy eye candy that will make you want to get your life together!

Grace or Audrey?

I'm totally obsessed with photographer Jamie Beck. Have you seen her shots from Cup of Jo's awesome hair tutorials that inspired the sharing of my signature ponytail? Well, I just can't get enough of her Daily Outfit series in which she emulates the style of icon greats such as Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, Lauren Bacall, and Marilyn Monroe. Along with the incredible photos of her inspired outfits, she also shares the lovely little story boards that inspired her. Who would you like to play dress up as?

The Kissing Checklist

Handprinted by Rachel Foster

Isn't this letterpress print darling? The artist intends it to be a real checklist for you to cross off as you pucker up. All the locations sound so lovely, I wouldn't know where to get started! What's the loveliest place you've stolen a kiss, darlings? I can think of a few that make me weak in the knees ;)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011



My darlings! With High Point market almost behind me, I have about a week of semi-normalcy to play with you before the big design trip for the new biz! :) I'm taking my free time to catch up on some reading, visiting with all of you, and hopefully writing a few posts. I'd like to start with a guest post I did for the simply fabulous Melanie over at The Iconic Blog who is having me over today for a fun "iconic" questionnaire. Do you have an icon?

Also, if there's one thing that's certainly My Cup of Te(A), it's going after it (as in your dreams!) and following your heart. Melanie is launching her own business very very soon and if you haven't checked it out yet, I suggest you do!

And last but certainly not least, I heart you all to the moon and back for all your support and well wishes despite my sporadic blogging!!